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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Zeddo View Post
Hi All, these are the grid refs for what I could find. They are denoted as Degrees, Minutes and Seconds. I used ` for the degree symbol as I don't know the keyboard function for it. These refs will work on any GPS system.

Aztalan,Rock Lake Lake Mills,WI - 43`04'37.98" N by 88`54'49.32" W
Blythe Cahokia - 90`10'42.64" N by 90`10'41.50" W
Chaco Canyon 36`03'37.01" N by 107`58'01.44" W
Coral Castle (Homestead). 25`30'02.41" N by 80`26'09.68" W
Effigy Mounds (survey site) 43`05'11.11" N by 91`11'15.67" W
Emerald Mound 31`38'09.60" N by 91`14'49.49" W
Etowah Mounds 35`19'11.39" N by 84`31'24.26" W
Integratron - No Match
Mesa Verde Ruins 37`15'42.16" N By 108`29'08.37" W
Moundville 32`59'33.49" N By 87`37'27.70" W
Octagon Mound - No Match
Poverty Point 44`24'32.03" N By 102`20'13.64" W
Serpent Mound 39`01'27.78" N By 83`25'48.42" W
Spiral Jetty 41`26'17.47" N By 112`40'02.13" W
Turtle Mound 28`55'51.05" N By 80`49'37.20" W
Yukutat,Alaska 59`32'13.45" N By 139`42'09.26" W

Peace Love and Light
I believe that two sites are being considered as one in this listing:

Blythe Cahokia - 90`10'42.64" N by 90`10'41.50" W

Blythe may be either in California or Arkansas, as it is is NOT in Illinois

Cahokia, IL is the location of MONKS MOUND, the sacred site listed by the Mayan elders that will be their focus in either their April or May full moon meditation.


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