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Default Re: Saving money at the market; Buy in bulk

I live in west texas, so i get great deals on prime cuts of steak. at the local cattle auction they have a slaughter house that sells freezer packs. Every several weeks i buy a new freezer pack (they have different ones, so i change it up to rotate out different types of food) and save about 50 bucks (i get 200 dollars worth for 150). Even better, things like the ground beef come freshly ground in 10lb bags. So i can repackage them into sizes that i need (usually 2lb each for a family of four).

Of course, i also go in "ad hoc" to get black angus ribeyes. they are about 1.5 lbs each, and i pay just under 7 bucks apiece for them. They truly are of a quality high enough to be in a five star restaurant, usually (occassionally you get one that was grazed near a lower quality feed...but even then it is still black angus, and far better than Wal Mart carries for 30% more).

I have three freezers. I freeze everything, even potatos. I don't eat canned stuff if i can help it (i hate gray green beans and metallic tasting corn), but i have bag upon bag of frozen, fresh fruits and veggies.

i don't do it for survival, i do it for budget and flavor. I mean, when you get a bumper crop of tomatoes, the only way to keep that fresh tomato flavor is to make 20 gallons of marinara. Or about 1 year supply for the cost of raising a dozen tomato plants during the summer.

And in El Paso (where my family is "from") you can buy 50lb bags of things like onions for dirt cheap. A quick round through a food chopper, and you can end up with countless bags of diced onions for the next years cooking. Just freeze them.
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