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Wink Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

I'd just like to post once more about some feelings I've been experiancing concerning the group meditations we have had thus far. I find it hard to put into words and express the true power of us all meditating to the same audio file at the same time. I had things happen to me when we were all using the file that phiedPiper originally put together, and I don't think its coincidental that he gets sick soon after he put it together.. I can't quite put my finger on what has happened since then but me thinks phied was really on to something incredible and then for some reason we were lead away from what was developing from that.. I for one (actually two) would like to see us head back in that direction.. maybe discuss and use visuals for intent beforehand but get back to using the phied file with the binaural beats.. the second version that dayzero added to was quite good as well minus the singing at the end .. the audio sections should flow together without sudden tones and the like that 'literally hurt' when they jar one right out of alpha state.. don't get me wrong here, I really appreciate EVERYONE'S work that has been put into this.. I just believe that 'simple to listen to' is best with combined intent beforehand and that everyone using the same audio at the same time is beyond words, powerful... maybe so powerful that we need to be careful with our intent!!

528hz to all,
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