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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

Originally Posted by twoRone View Post
me thinks phied was really on to something incredible and then for some reason we were lead away from what was developing from that.. I for one (actually two) would like to see us head back in that direction..
I agree, Phied was trying to achieve something new, unfortunately only two layers have been completed, but even this much as a foundation is powerful. This is why I created a new audio file around Phied's second piece. As he was unable to continue layering for greater heart connection etc, I added the dolphin whale elemental sounds to bring in more heart energy. Then when Astralwalker started talking of switching to the solfeggio's, I went ahead and added them in the beginning, since I already happened to have these very same recordings that Perseide used. Jason's work is great, and I do like the inclusion of it.

I also felt the video was somewhat distracting, if beautiful. Phied talked a lot about making the recording one that has universal appeal; these images may not resonate with some people who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the symbolism used therein. I don't think it will be useful to have images that may create ripples of confusion, discomfort or dissention in the mix.

Again, this is why I went to the nature sounds, which are not only universal but help us remember what we are connecting to and why... and my suggestion is we go to nature images if we are going to continue with using video. However, I would like to pose another issue regarding video: it ties one to sitting in front of a screen, and it may be prohibitive to use video at remote sites with large groups of people on May 9th.

The track I created is 74 minutes long, with the solfeggio's followed by Phieds second track. This brings up another aspect is that Phied created a track that was sampled at a very high bit rate to reduce frequency drop out, and this is important in preserving the higher entrainment. However it creates very large files which is prohibitive again for many to download or stream. So we need more discussion on these points, IMHO. Currenly, my audio file is a whopping 745 MB as an aiff. I did create a high quality MP3 which weighs in at 169 MB. lol

If anyone wants to hear it, let me know and I will make it available. I would appreciate feedback, as to whether I went overboard on the nature sounds,

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