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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

(Phireflye)these images may not resonate with some people who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the symbolism used therein. I don't think it will be useful to have images that may create ripples of confusion, discomfort or dissention in the mix.

(Oliver)I realize how important is for us to understand the semantics of the symbols and to accept the cognitive energy from the video and the sound

Perhaps a thread might be started which focuses on what some of the symbols mean. We are not all coming from the same background in this area.

I would certainly listen to and use your music file if you manage the download Phireflye, and give feedback. Offer much appreciated.

I also wanted to mention that I got more out of the med yesterday than I had realized: a personal supportive spiritual message yesterday evening which I much appreciated because I don't get them all that often!!!
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