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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

Dear friends,

I hope Phied is feeling better.

I respect Phiedís work very much and I know that he has a talent.

My standing point on this is the same:

The file is good for deep meditation but it is not good for this purpose - simple because there is no satisfactory emotional component in it. Without strong and sincere feelings this will not work, as I already explained in many occasions.

Phied was just experimenting with the file and he was asking from us to give him our feedback. So donít take this file as final product because simple it is not.

I hope as soon as Phied will feel better he will decide to tune in again and explain this for himself.

Once more, I hold only respect towards Phied, so there is no conflict between us.

We have little time so we have to concentrate on solution to this problem.

Otherwise all this is for nothing...
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