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Default Re: More whistleblowers on the way.

Originally Posted by THEWATCHER View Post
Possibly, but does not help the situation, whistleblowers will hesitate coming in as will insiders if no one bothers to listen....................


No, FEAR does not help anything,

that is why it it TYRANNY's most powerful tool.

To help something it is a good start to go in grocery stores ,
P.O.'s, malls ,and engage people in converse,

KNOW YOUR FACTS on any situations people face and you will

encounter so you can speak with intelligence , and gently educate
people willling to hear YOU to the FEAR factor in their own lifes crises
and how unity can, over time, resolve all of our crises by eliminating

This is a small individual way to do SOMETHING and not just say

" this or that wont help anything ".

watching is kool but it also doesn't get anything done.

Take responsibility where we we find nothing getting done.

when closet whistelblowers find you willing to HEAR THEM they
may engage you in helping to blow whsitles in public as they have a
friend to stand with them in case they are intimidated.

Just one way to start, many more paths are open if we seek them.

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