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Default Secrets of the Vatican

I hesitated to begin this thread. I am torn. I want truth and goodness to triumph...yet achieving this is a very painful process. The history of our world is very sad and violent. No organization or country has escaped this brutal gang of facts. The history of the Vatican is a huge part of our history...and this includes all of us. There should be no angry finger pointing. The video which I am posting is critical...yet not hateful or vindictive. I am offended by the cartoons, photoshopped pictures of the Pope, hurtful internet comments, etc, etc. There should not be a hateful, superior, triumphalistic, or sing-song attitude manifested toward anyone or any organization.
This includes the Vatican.

Everyone should research the Vatican...whether they are religious or not. There are so many aspects of our historical and contemporary world which are interconnected with the Vatican. All roads lead to Rome. I'm not a Roman Catholic...and I never have been...but I have attended dozens of masses and concerts. I adore the art, architecture, and music...even the art and architechture with pagan aspects. I have been in many cathedrals...and I have been to the Vatican. It is truly impressive.
I have had very good luck with the Roman Catholics I have known and worked with...including priests and musicians. They are doing the best they can.

However, there is something which seems to torment the soul of the Roman Catholic Church. I fear that the heirarchy has to deal with unimaginable problems...which may include dealing with the devil himself(or herself). They may be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Does the Vatican mediate between Lucifer and the Human Race? Is it the Human Race vs the Underworld? We may be in more trouble than we think. Watch the following video with an open and non-judgmental mind: - SECRETS OF THE VATICAN PART 1 - SECRETS OF THE VATICAN PART 2 - SECRETS OF THE VATICAN PART 3 - SECRETS OF THE VATICAN PART 4 - SECRETS OF THE VATICAN PART 5 - SECRETS OF THE VATICAN PART 6

Now watch these videos...and ask yourself if there is a connection:


Connect the Dots. Respond Responsibly.

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