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Default Re: Secrets of the Vatican

so true so true Jonathon. I couldn't of put it better and unfortunately I found out the hard way. The cops came and called ambulance to commit me. They had my husband convinced that I would harm somebody and it's funny now, but not at the time......the first question they asked him was, did we have any guns in the house.............LOL

My husband actually convinced the hospital that I was ok and he would watch me and they let me go home. It took me a little time but I learned to shut my mouth.

I do not speak much in any of the forums, but I do read and comrehend alot. I am much more confident that my mind is good and I know more than most in my family

I am very thankful for all the info that has been put on this site, project camelot and many others.

I am convinced that our biggest problem in solving any of this will be the Christians.
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