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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The great Master Osho (Bhagvan Shri Rajneesh) was once asked by his student:
“Bhagvan, how do you see the man of the future?”
“I am seeing him as a mix of Buddha and Zorbas the Greek”!
Than, the student asked the Master again:
“We understand about Buddha, Bhagvan, but why Zorbas, he seems to be a kind of sinner?”
“Because Zorbas win the life laughing and dancing.”

This was his answer. I was very astonished reading it (I knew Osho was practicing dancing with his students during the lectures). I knew about Buddha and his sublime message. Also, in my very youth I saw the movie and read the book “Zorbas the Greek”, and I did not understand what about the whole thing was about. But now, Osho said: Buddha and Zorbas! Than I decided to read the book and to see the movie again, but with much different eye than in my youth. I did it. And I was crying and laughing in the same time.

The Universe is a joke – nobody did understood it until now, says one of the biggest taoistic teachers. Zorbas understood this; he knew that nobody can win the life, the 3D, in other way than laughing and dancing on it, with his bouzouki. In the great catastrophes of his life – he was laughing and laughing. Wildish in first sight, his soul was very gentle and noble, able to touch the inner wisdom. In the movie, after the fall of his great project, he is dancing on the beach without music, almost crazy way.
Than, his beloved “boss” asked him:
“Teach me to dance.”
Zorbas jumped excited. He realized that his friend finally got the point, after the catastrophe of their project. The metaphysical emptiness of the “unsuccessful” life was wined. The pain – dominated. The borders of the 3rd dimension were passed. Zorbas knew this fail was a great success. So did his “boss”. They were beyond the reality built not by their will.
“Dance? Did you say DANCE? Come on, my boy! Together.”
And then, dancing:
“Boss, I have so much to tell you: I’ve never loved a man more than you!”
And than, in the trance of the dance, great, metaphysical, unknown and from nowhere laugh came:
“Hey, you can laugh, too, a?! You are laughing!”
Ha, ha, ha…!
Here is His Holiness Zorbas the Greek:

Friends - laugh. And dance. It is a Big Holy Joke around!
Btw. Zorbas was a real character. His grave is in my country, not in Greece. I went once at his grave. I lighted a candle. Than, from nowhere, I started to laugh loudly. With tears. “Opaaaaa!”
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