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Default Re: Who Are Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer?

Perhaps God has no purpose to creation other than a bad dream?

My personal viewpoint is otherwise.

I believe it is simply a false belief by the 'thinker' that 'thinks' that beyond thought there is nothing. I do not agree with this.

I do Believe, that BE-yond thought is BEing, the realms of Pure Being. There is indeed infinite variety, differentiation and uniqueness in the realms of Pure Being beyond thought and beyond duality.

And yes, I believe very much there is Pure awareness while maintaing uniqueness, uniqueness in Oneness.

Duality is the relativity of concepts. Here we are we are having a dualistic discussion somewhat, as it is a bit 'my belief is right and yours is wrong', this indeed is duality. In reality is One yet there are infinitely differing ways of looking at Truth, and they have their own reality from different perspectives.

However, stress the importance of this (my understanding):

However, Oneness is not sameness. Consciousenss itSelf is not dualistic.

Being I AM is not dualistic, it is reality. We are individualization's of Oneness, not sameness. We are unique. We are Divine Blue Prints here in schoolroom Earth to learn and BE More as we move higher and higher into the schoolroom of infinity.

Enlightenment is not about disapearing, it's about Being. It's about Being below all that we are above ~ Uniquely So.

Free will is a gift. As we Awaken to our True identity ~ we Be the Divine Being that we really are, not the same being, we are each unique, but indeed, we are One.

Can the thinker wrap it's head around Oneness not being sameness? Indeed it cannot. Truth is Gnosis. Not a belief.

Only in Truth, in Gnosis, will we Awaken to the Truth that sets us Free to BE.

~ Espavo ~

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