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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The latest evidences I gathered so far suggested that we are approaching an area with high energy and it causes the climate change in our solar system - not the greenhouse gas promoted by mainstream medias. This conclusion is also suggested by a Russian scientist in his publication in 1997.

The evidences of weakening solar wind and large energy observed on the planets on the far end of our solar system suggested that large amount of energy is coming from the outside of heliosphere. There are two factors that could cause this. One is the fact that we are crossing the galactic plane which is the zone with the densest area of mass and energy. The second factor is the galactic explosion from the center of the milkyway (proposed by Paul Laviolette).

The first factor, as we know that the alignment plays a significant roles on the weather on earth, planets and all the stars. It is also closely linked to the sun's activity from its gravity and magnetic interaction among the planets and the Sun. Although the sunspot can occur on both near side and far side of the sun, we can only use the information from the near side to process the data for now. When two STEREO satellites becomes 180 degree apart relative to the sun in 2011, we will have the opportunity to use sunspot data from both sides to provide an accurate prediction of the sun's activity.

As our sun started to align with galactic plane in Dec 2012, strong magnetic interaction from the galactic center may induce large solar activity. This could potentially cause of high earthquake activity around the world. In my opinion, the sun activity will keep increasing as we are approaching the maximum alignment between the sun, Jupiter and Saturn in 2010 and 2011. The more sun activity the more catastrophic events on earth. When it couples with the galactic alignment, the situation could only get worse. No one knows how bad the situation will be and we have to keep monitoring it to make a good decision.

We also see more meteors falling from the sky and they keep increasing over the past few years. In addition, meteors, cosmic dust and gamma rays could cause strange clouds that we see around the world. These are small particles that are burned in the atmosphere. I do not know if this is due to a regular cross to the galactic plane and it is due to the superwave events. The historical evidences suggested that we see high concentration of dust particles around 13K and 26K years ago when we cross the galactic plane.

The second factor is the Nexus event. Cosmic Gamma rays and the galactic superwave tends to affect the sun's and earth's activity. During this time (December 2009), we are receiving gamma ray burst from 3C 454.3 in the constellation Pegasus. According to the news, we are observing high volcanic activity around the world.

If this wave really come, there will be lots of earthquakes and tectonic activities that could potentially change the earth's geography. As we already know, we have detect the explosion from our milky way in 2005. Astralwalker has already provided several evidences and explanations on this issue and I just tried to fill in more information.

At this point, I would tell people to be alert but not fear about things to come from the space. The world need a reset anyway. We are in a everything interesting time and we are glad to be alive to see this. There are several ways to prepare for such an event both physically and spiritually. I believe we can influence the probability by raising our consciousness. I think the most effective way is through meditation and this is what this thread is all about , right?. Anyway, I salute everyone here to encourage people to be prepared and I will post some more information as it becomes available.

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