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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

If someone is interested in 2012 RV and tuning into the Planetary Psionic Field, here is a good method for developing clairvoyance, increasing the power of the consciousness and utilization of the higher harmonics in the human DNA structure.

It will make the Remote Viewing and Astral travel completely under control which is essential for the 2012 scenario. As soon as the mental screen opens, you will be connected to the Universe and from there ďinputĒ that concerns the purpose of your incarnation here, will come.

It will come as a contact with higher intelligences or with the Gaya itself.

So here it isÖ


Clairvoyance is a mental ability closely tied with the remote viewing. The humanís third eye has the leading role since it enables the consciousness to see through the mental screen. There are many methods to develop the third eye. I have chosen to present the method I have mastered a long time ago and am completely sure it works.

The method is universal and most of the psychic abilities can be developed through it. This method, which in fact is a system of exercises, consists of seven stages starting with the zener cards and as each stage is completed, the training gets harder and harder.

However, before I go any deeper into the subject of the psychic training, it is better to clear up some things first concerning the zener cards. The zener cards, also known as ESP cards, are the basis of the modern parapsychology. Although most people consider them just a useful tool for ESP testing, they are much more than that.

The use of the zener cards is also a powerful tool through which individuals can awake and develop their third eye with a special training. One deck of the zener cards consists of five symbols multiplied five times - star, waves, plus, circle and square.

All of the 25 cards are totally black on one side and on the other side there is white background with bolded black colored symbol. In the beginning, the task of the student helped by an inner sense is to feel or see the symbol on the card.

Because during the training the student is blindfold, while the sense of the studentís physical sight is off, the other senses increase and sharpen more. However, the purpose of this universal method is not to sharpen the other senses, but to awake and develop a (figuratively speaking) ďnew senseĒ, which contains the other five senses in it and much more.

It is completely irrelevant how you call this new sense Ė third eye, sixth sense or Ajna chakra. You will not make a mistake, because it is the same thing. Once this new sense starts to awake, most of the psychic powers can be achieved, cultivated and made ready for everyday use. The system of exercises to follow will lead you to a point where you will become the master or your mental potentials.

The universal method is so complete that each of you willing to sacrifice about two or three years of your life can achieve higher mental powers and develop your psychic abilities beyond words. Nevertheless, although some authors promise you that you will develop your psychic powers in weeks by some specific method, I will not give promises like that and I will give you only the time that took me to develop them.

It must become perfectly clear to every true student that it takes major self-discipline, top determination and persistence to keep up with the everyday hard training.



As for almost everything else in psychic practice, the student must find a quiet and isolated place to be able to work undisturbed with an assistant. It must be done in pairs because the student must be blindfold all the time during the training, and will need somebody to put the zener cards behind him/her and inform the student about the accuracy of the answers.

The whole process in this stage works like this:

The blindfold student must sit on a chair and the assistant should sit two meters behind him and put the cards one by one on a smaller table. In the beginning, there must be some clear space between the student and the table where the zener cards with the symbol up will be put.

Since it is going to take about two to three hours of practicing, some instrumental music cannot do any harm to the training process and it will provide a smoother training. However, it is important that the music is with relatively slow rhythm and pleasant for hearing. Some sounds from the ambient or meditative music enjoyable to both of them will do just fine.

However, the quiet and slow instrumental music can bring only benefit to the training and if somebody likes to practice in silence, it is perfectly OK, and can work in silence.

The assistant should reshuffle the deck well, and put the cards one by one. The table, except for the only one card, which has to be put in the middle point, must be completely clear of any other objects. For now, the side with the symbol of the card should be up because it will allow the student to feel or see it more easily. If during the process of practicing, the assistant forgets to remove the deck from the table, it will be a major mistake.

The rest of the cards in the deck, though turned on the side with the black background up, will surely influence the studentís efforts to locate the symbol of the target card, which is in the middle of the table. For that reason, the assistant who can seat on a comfortable sofa should split the deck in three piles.

All those parts should be put on the sofa and by no excuse on the table where the target card is. The first pile should contain the wrong answers, the second the correct answers and the third one normally, the cards which remain to be put on the table.

When the mental scan of all cards of the deck is over, the assistant informs the student of the correct answers and notes the result in a notebook, which can be used for monitoring the studentís progress.

Then, the assistant has to reshuffle the deck well and when that is done, the process goes on with the next deck of cards.

The student is allowed only one answer, and the assistant (at least in this stage of the training) should confirm the result of the studentís answer with a simple Yes/No, or True/False.

The black fold around the studentís eyes should be neither too tight, nor too feeble. Studentís clothes should be comfortable like tracksuit or so, to be able to sit in the chair for hours without feeling uncomfortably. Before the training starts, it is advisable to try to sit in one position on the chair that mostly suits the studentís body and to ďfreezeĒ in that position.

The student can put his/her arms on the knees or thighs, but he/she should try to hold the head, neck and spine in straight line as much as possible.

Until now, I have explained the basic rules of the training, and now I will explain the inner procedure to be performed in the consciousness. The inner process, which will be performed in the studentís consciousness, requires great ability of visualization, concentration, and focus on the inner psychic force and by all means great ability of the consciousness to move out of the physical body.

Before the start with the first deck of zener cards, the student must calm the consciousness by entering the meditative state similar to the one I have mentioned in the ďdeep peace meditationĒ. After having calmed his/her thoughts and reached inner peace, the student should concentrate on the inner energy, which flows through his/her body. When the student feels the streaming of pleasant bioenergy, he/she is ready for the training and can give the assistant a sign to put the first card on the table.

Then, the student must completely free his/her consciousness and to try to pull out the inner sense, which lies deep down in him/her to feel the objects that are around. The first thing the student must concentrate on is the streaming of the energy between him/her and the chair.

The student has to feel the chair as a part of him/her the way a driver feels the car while driving it. Then, he/she should redirect the psychic feeling following the pattern: Ė between him/her and the carpet (if there is any); between him and the legs of the table; the whole table; the target card; and at the end between him/her and the cardís symbol.

The secret lies in establishing some kind of emotional bridge between oneís self and the symbol of the target card.

The rest will come by itself.

The establishing of this kind of an emotional bridge should be done very slowly and with no rush because it will produce contra effect if done otherwise. In other words, the student should not keep a feeling of impatience within since it will surely lead to a wrong answer. On the contrary, the correct answer comes as a result of patient psychic touch between the student and the symbol of the card.

In time and with practice, the student will surely reach the level of being capable to easily move his/her psychic touch onto the objects that are around. The inner feeling will develop greatly and it will become so sharp that sometimes the student will feel almost equal as a physical touch with the card. After the student reaches 70% of accuracy in the answers, he/she should repeat this score with the next five decks.

Note: Under no condition, no matter how well the training goes, it is not advisable for the student at this stage to start working with two cards at the same time. That would be a big mistake, which will cost the student much more than he/she can imagine.

If the student tries to feel two or more cards in the same time, he/she will soon lose the psychic touch and will have to work very hard again to reach the same point of development. In other words, the student will lose two months of training just in a few minutes and will have to practice even longer to reach the same level of accuracy.

Please, believe my words, because I have passed the whole training myself and encountered the same problem. The practice with more cards will follow in the next stages when the student is ready for it. Thus, the discipline of practicing is one of the primary objectives that will lead the student to progress.

When the student succeeds to reach the result of 70% accuracy in the previous five decks only by using the psychic touch, which usually takes two or three months to complete, he/she is ready for the next stage. Still, this is only the weaker manifestation of the third eye and now the student must work on the visual part of it, which is much harder to achieve.



In the second stage, training should be extended from three to four hours a day. After the completion of the first stage, average time to complete the second stage varies from four to six months.

The training starts exactly the same way like in the first stage, with the studentís achievement of 70% accuracy only by using the inner sense of psychic touch. A new element, which the student has to add to the training, is focusing on the mental screen in a similar way previously described in the remote viewing process.

The student should become a passive observer and wait for the mental screen to become visible. When the level of concentration is reached and the mental screen is visible, the student has to change its location.

That can be done by using mental efforts to pull the mental screen from the location in front of the studentís closed eyes to the back of the head. Perhaps, in the beginning, the student will encounter some difficulty to achieve that, but with practice, he/she will succeed to hold the mental screen on the back of the head.

The best way is to visualize that the mental screen has become transparent, to look for the counters of the table and to try to catch the rectangle form of the zener card, which is in the middle of it.
The most important thing for a student is not to forget to lose the psychic touch with the table behind even for a second.

Both processes should be done in parallel mode, and the mental screen should be frozen in the right direction by the guidance of the psychic touch. Next thing that the student should do is to try to observe through the mental screen towards the table where the card is.

At the same time, the student has to free him/herself from all the other thoughts or emotions and to concentrate on the observation as best as possible.

With the intensive concentration, the contours of the table and the card, which is on it, will start to emerge from the depths of the studentís mental screen. The studentís consciousness must be completely stable and frozen on those very weak counters appearing on the mental screen on the back of his head.

The primary process in this stage will be similar to making a hole in the back of oneís head. The stronger the mental pressure on the back of the head becomes the stronger and more visible the mental screen becomes. By mental pressure, I do not mean physical grip of the neck or the head. I mean psychic pressure which is psychical 100 %, and which is a natural result of the strength of the consciousness reached by previous training with the zener cards.

In other words, the student guided by the psychical bridge between him/her and the table behind must force the consciousness with enormous amount of mental strength to make a psychic fissure in the back of the head. The appearance of this psychic fissure is the first sign that the third eye of the student has started awakening.

This period of training is very important because the actual thing that is happening is creation of the fissure in the etheric matter and the third eye will be learning to observe through it. Anyway, the student will know when this fissure is present if he/she experiences these effects in the consciousness:

Because of the major mental effort during focusing on observation through the mental screen in the direction of the table where the zener card is with the symbol up, one will soon feel that something has changed in his/her inner sight.

The darkness of the mental screen will be altered by some illumination. Then, as the mental pressure on the zener card starts to hit stronger, it will become gray. Next, the gray color of the mental screen will start to express some foggy characteristics. Stronger concentration with the mental force through this foggy background will make the dot with less density visible on the mental screen.

Finally, in this small dot something similar to a small fissure will start to appear. Everything around this small fissure will remain foggy, but some light will start to appear in it. If the student continues pushing the mental force through this small fissure, he/she will realize that he/she is seeing something. At first, one will see unclear contours but in time and with practice he/she will develop his/her psychic observation.

Once the psychic fissure appears, the consciousness of the student must not become weaker not even for a second, but to keep the fissure open all the time. The fissure can also appear in some other direction like table legs or so, and the student should put some mental efforts to relocate the fissure directly above the surface of the zener card. It is very important not to become over-exited from the newborn situation but to remain perfectly calm, stable and focused on the training.

In case the student becomes overwhelmed with excitement, starts to fool or jump around, the psychic fissure will close instantly, and the student will have to work twice harder to achieve the same level of development.
Very soon after the student freezes the fissure above the zener card, the symbol on it will start to become visible.

However, in the beginning the images will be only black and white. With further concentration on observing through the fissure on the mental screen, the color will start to appear. It will be coming slowly, but it will come. The moment the color starts accompanying the psychic sight of the student is a good point from which it will not take long before the student manages to scan all of the 25 cards correctly.

Perhaps, in the beginning through the fissure, some anomalies will be visible like seeing a square, which in reality is a circle, but they will vanish in time. Under no circumstance, the student should try to extend the psychic fissure until he/she has reached the score of 25 correct answers with five decks in a row. If the result is 24, it is not good enough and one has to work until he/she reaches the top score of 25.

Note: Jumping into the next stage of the thirdís eye development, without previously achieved perfection is a major mistake. Because of that, the student must be patient and wait until the result shows full readiness for the next level.


This stage covers the gradual extension of the psychic fissure and observation improvement. The training time extends from four to five hours a day. It is very important for the student not to miss a single day of training because the painstakingly achieved level of development is still very sensitive and it can easily retreat. Average time for completing the third stage varies but usually it takes two weeks to a month.

Stage 3a

After the student has achieved the result of 100% of accuracy in minimum five decks watching through the tiny fissure, the assistant is allowed to put two cards at the same time in the middle of the table. As before, perfection is top priority and the student has a chance to no more than just a single answer.

Now, the assistant puts two cards on the table and the student has to put strong mental efforts to extend the psychic fissure for at least as much as to have both cards in his/her psychic sight. Soon, though maybe not at once, after the student succeeds to extend and freeze the psychic fissure, he/she will reach the result of 100% accuracy with two cards at the same time.

Because his/her inner sight will be constantly frozen on the surface of the table, the student will soon notice that from time to time he/she is able to catch the movement of the hands of the assistant.

In contrast to the previous experience, now the student can watch strictly in color. At this level, the fissure will allow the student to feel and watch in more subtle way. Although the third eye is developing very fast and the student is capable of feeling and seeing the next cards in the deck, it is advisable (at least in this stage) to concentrate only on the two target cards.

Sometimes, the psychic fissure will get foggy but with the right mental pressure, it will get clear again. When the student has managed to perfectly see the five decks with two cards, the assistant can add a card more and now the student has to observe three cards at the same time. As before, one has to use mental efforts to extend the psychic fissure even more, at least as much as to be able to have all three cards in the psychic sight.

Usually, this is the part of the stage the student achieves very easy, because now his/her third eye has become very active and the consciousness has only to use just some small mental effort to focus on the task and to solve it. The rule of five-deck accuracy with 100% applies here as well, and before achieving this result, one cannot go any further.

The moment the student has reached the needed result he/she is ready for nine cards at the same time. Now, the assistant has to put nine cards on the table in a formation of three rows with three cards. Both the student and the assistant have to agree and clearly determine the rules of the next task.

Whether it is going to be from left to right of the row or the opposite, or the first row is going to be the row closest to the student or to the assistant is completely up to them.

Again, using some mental effort, the student has to extend the psychic fissure, for at least as much as to have all nine cards in his/her psychic sight. At this level of the stage, the student has made a larger psychic hole and is no longer experiencing an observation through the mental screen, which is on the back of his/her head, but is experiencing an experience as if watching directly above the table.

In a way, the studentís consciousness has departed very close to the border side of the psychic fissure and the student is watching through it. Once the part with the nine cards is over, the student is ready for the fourth stage.

Stage 3b


When the student is done with the nine cards at the same time, put in a formation of three rows with three cards, the assistant has to put all cards on the table. It has to be in a formation of five rows with five cards. Logically, bigger extension of the psychic fissure is required for the student to be able to see all of the 25 cards.

It is different now, since the student now gains the ability to move the psychic fissure on his/her own will. In this stage, the psychic fissure does not retreat and because of that, the student is capable to freeze or unfreeze it wherever he/she likes in the room.

Soon, other effects will appear in the studentís consciousness like hearing the assistantís thoughts, feeling of floating, all sorts of astral visions coming from the astral plane, etc. All these effects in this stage of development have to be put aside and the student has to focus only on the observation through the expanded psychic fissure.

When the student has finished with all of the 25 cards in a formation of five rows with five cards with at least five decks, the next task is three rows, which contain 10 cards in the outer rows and 5 in the inner one. To test the studentís ability to perfectly see with his/her inner vision, the assistant should turn a few cards in different rows upside down.

The student has to locate the cards turned onto the other side and to tell which cards in which rows are with the black background up, with their symbols, of course. It will be a good checkpoint for both of them to get the real picture of the accomplished so far.

Watching through the black background of the zener card will not be difficult for the student at this stage. However, if it is, the student can solve the task only by using stronger mental pressure on the black surface of the card and the symbol will immediately become visible for him/her.

As the training advances, the assistant should test the studentís clairvoyance more often by putting harder and harder combinations in the rows like five circles in one group in the same row, or lots of cards turned upside down, etc., and to ask the student: ďWhat do you see now?Ē

In other words, the assistant has to put the hardest combination of all of the 25 cards, but now, the student can do amazing stuff and probably, he/she will solve every task that the assistant assigns very easy and very fast. Once they are done with the testing and the student does not miss any more, the assistant should go in another room and put all the zener cards on the floor.

To achieve the observation in the other room, the student has to move the psychic fissure through the wall, which separates the rooms and to freeze it above the floor where the zener cards are. When he/she successfully solves all 25 cards, the assistant should take a pen and point to different cards. Now, the student has to see in which row the card is, and normally, what is the symbol touched by the peak of the assistantís pen.

Stage 4

When all this is achieved, the student is ready for the next stage of the training. The time necessary for completion of the fifth stage varies from one to three weeks.


In this stage of the training, the student continues to further develop the inner sight, and if everything goes, as it should, eventually, he/she will be capable to read with the physical eyes closed. To complete this stage it usually takes 7 to 9 days. Before one begins with this stage, he/she has to repeat all of the previous stages.

Since the student is now in great shape, he/she will finish them incredibly fast. I assume this so, because having reached this level of clairvoyance to repeat all of the four previous stages it will take the student less than 20 minutes. When that is done, the assistant should bring other deck of cards, which will contain all the letters of the alphabet.

By size and shape, they have to be the same with the zener cards with the only difference that where the symbols of the zener cards have been, the letters stand on the letter cards now.

Just the same, as with the zener cards, the assistant has to reshuffle the letter cards well and to put one letter card in the middle of the table. The task of the student is to try to see the letter helped by the psychic fissure.

The procedure is just the same, as with the zener cards. When the student finishes with 100% accuracy with one letter card in minimum five decks, the assistant can put two cards and when that also is completed, they can start with 3 letter cards at the same time. When they reach this level of the fifth stage the assistant can combine some shorter words like day, sun, one, car, etc.

The student should not have any problems with the reading now, because his/her third eye is very active and the inner sight is very close to the clearness of the physical eyes.

Then, the assistant has to combine some four or five lettered words and when that is done as well, to start with more complex and longer words. It is amazing for both of them to participate in live in this kind of event, and it is an unbreakable proof for presence of the pure mental power in the room.

The training continues with long and complex sentences, which will require other decks with letter cards because sometimes (for example) the letter E will repeat itself in the sentence more than 7 times. Very important to be mentioned is that the studentís consciousness will surely be exposed to all sorts of phenomenal effects like direct hearing of every assistantís thought, many astral visions that come and go incredibly fast, the loss of the physical feeling, etc.

The student will have to restrain from exploring those effects, which come because of the high level of the thirdís eye function.

Also, the student will experience a strong spinning feeling around the chair to the level that it will look like he/she is going to lose consciousness and fall into a complete blackness. The above normal mental power awaken by the third eye produces that effect and the student has to get used to it and to learn to control it.

Now the studentís consciousness is very strong and the student will soon discover awareness of the processes that are running through his/her physical body never dreamed of before as possible to be sensed.

Stage 5

After the student manages to perfectly solve all the tasks assigned in the form of sentences to be read, the assistant should mix the two decks, the one with the zener cards and the one with the letter cards and put them on the table in many rows. This time all the cards have to be closed or with the black background up, and the next task for the student will be to see them all. The assistant now has to take the notebook and record all the data the student tells. The successfully solved task of this kind points clearly that the student is ready for the next stage.


In the sixth stage, the student will experience something as never before. He/she will be able to see exactly the same as with his/her physical eyes and much more. The student will achieve what most people consider impossible in this very advanced stage.


Shaun Tan - a Mentalist was totally blindfolded when he demonstrated his skills. To ensure that he really cannot see, a thick black hood was placed over his entire head.

He was blindfolded at the wheels of a Pajero and drove the 5km distance - from Dataran Merdeka to KLCC - in 15 minutes.

The mentalist, who undertook the fund-raising daredevil attempt to prove his power of "positive thinking" and raise funds for the National Council for the Blind Malaysia, was assisted by 40 traffic policemen.

They guided him at every turn of the route, and half of them escorted him along the way.

Shaun arrived at KLCC around 9.30am and walked, still blindfolded, to the fourth floor, to thunderous applause.

It was his first attempt and he cautioned others not to mimic him as "it is very dangerous".

However, he said his achievement proved everyone has the power to overcome and achieve.

This event is just one of so many. This one happened at the end of January 1999. To be more precise, he drove through the heart of Kuala Lumpur on 24th January 1999 wearing a blindfold and with a hood over my head! Over 40 policemen were involved, with beautiful model and actress Angeline Tan in the passenger seat.
"It was just like a normal drive!", she said.

This is not special. You can learn to do it too. They only thing that stops you is your belief system and a solid mental practice. There are at lest 200 well documented events about similar ESP performances in all parts of the world but all this is blocked and continue to be blocked by the Elite because they simply do not allow this to come to worlds leading media, or they simply ridicules those persons...

Anyway, lets go on...

However, before the student becomes capable of doing far greater extraordinary things, he/she will have to develop the inner sight even more by learning to observe deeper into the physical matter.

The stage begins with the assis¨tant reshuffling the whole zener deck and putting it in the middle of the table. Now, the student is assigned another task and will have to see all of the 25 of the zener cards at the same time penetrating through the whole deck. To achieve that, the student will have to change the frequency of the inner sight and to visualize all 25 cards placed in the astral space one above another.

When the vision of the whole deck levitating in the dark astral space in front of him/her appears in the consciousness, the student will have to use some strong mental effort to deeply penetrate through the whole deck. He/she will have to tell the assistant the answers for all of the 25 cards starting from the first to the last one and the assistant should not touch the deck, not even once. The assistant will have to record the studentís answers in the notebook and when all the 25 answers are given check the results.

It is relevant to be mentioned that this is a difficult task and in the beginning, the student will surely encounter some errors. That is because the student does not use psychic fissure but uses another frequency of perception instead.

A little patience will enable the student to get used to this new way of seeing and he/she will surely learn how to do it. He/she can achieve the deeper scanning visualizing his/her astral hands removing and seeing one by one all the cards on the astral reflection of the physical deck, which is in the middle of the table behind. In other words, the student will have to visualize him/herself astrally picking one card from the deck visible on the dark astral space in his/her consciousness.

Then, turning it upside down the student has to try to see the symbol if it is not already illuminated and to throw the card away. Then, he/she has to repeat the same procedure with the remaining 24 cards.

When the student reaches the level with 100% accuracy with the deep scanning in minimum five decks one after another, he/she is ready for the next thing to be mastered. Now, the assistant will have to reshuffle the deck again and to ask the student to tell which card is (for example) 19th, counting from the top or from the bottom card. To solve this task the student will have to reach again within his/her consciousness and to find the whole deck, which will be levitating in the astral space.

Then, the only remaining thing to do is to count and when he/she reaches the 19th card, the student will have to remove it from the deck and to see the symbol on it. It is as simple as that and there is no other secret for this task. The assistant will have to ask the student then about the symbols of the rest of the cards in the deck and when that is nicely done, the training continues with 2-5 cards at the same time. For example, the assistant can assign the student to tell the symbols on the 5th, 11th, 18th, 21st and the 23rd card.

Usually, when the student reaches this level of the sixth stage, the astral light will illuminate the symbols of the target cards and he/she will not have to count them one by one to solve the tasks. I have mentioned the way the procedure can be done anyway. The next step in this stage is deep scanning through the deck of letter cards.

The procedure is the same as with the deep scanning of the deck with the zener cards. Once this is also accomplished, the assistant mixes those two decks into one and the student has to see them all starting from the top to the bottom card. This is a very good exercise or should I better say test, and when it is completed the student is in a real good psychic shape.

The next level of the sixth stage is mastering the zoom ability of the studentís inner sight. Including a book into the training should do the trick, so the assistant should put it in the middle of the table and open it on some page. Then, the assistant will have to choose one sentence from the page and to encircle it with a pen.

The task of the student is to move the inner sight through the psychic fissure above the surface of the book and to start to zoom it until he/she reaches clearness to read from the page. To pull this off, the student will have to work and train hard because maximum concentration and full control of the psychic fissure is required. The student will have to find out the number of the page of the book and to read the sentence circled with the pen.

When the student achieves this, he/she is capable of seeing so much clearer and better even to pull this off when the task of reading is in other rooms. In this stage, the student has to tear apart the psychic fissure by using the maximum strength of the consciousness. In other words, to do that, the student will have to use ultimate mental efforts to extend the psychic fissure to infinity until he/she experiences that the psychic fissure is starting to tear apart.

Furthermore, he/she has to put final pressure until the fissure is torn apart completely and until the student gains an ability of seeing exactly the same as with his/her physical eyes. Once the psychic fissure is torn apart, the student will see completely normal no matter to where the student points his/her head. It is an amazing experience and only by using certain mental efforts, this new inner sight will be accompanied with other supernatural abilities.

This is a very high achievement of the student and his/her third eye is awake. From now on, the real effects of the astral force will start to appear and the student will have to learn to master them all.



The seventh stage is the most interesting. Further, the training continues with the studentís practice to project him/herself into his/her astral body and to perform an observation in other locations. In this stage, the student needs two assistants to give the assignments, one to stay in the same room with him/her and one situated in another apartment.

The first thing that the assistant in the other apartment should do is to take one photo and put it on a table with the image up. Now that the psychic fissure is torn apart and the student watches with the consciousness just the same he/she would observe with physical eyes the student faces another task. He/she has to leave the physical body and to take a short astral trip to the other apartment with the purpose to see the photo that is on the table.

Then, he/she has to return to the physical body and to tell the first assistant all the data collected from the out of the body experience. Both assistants should be in touch by cell-phone all the time during the seventh stage to exchange the data and clarify the accuracy of the studentís observations.

The best part is that the time has come for the student to explore all of the psychic effects that have been coming into his/her consciousness a long time. Because of the great strength of his/her consciousness, the student is capable of leaving the physical body in less than five seconds. It is enough for him or her to use some mental effort to astrally project at least two meters up front. Then if one turns around he/she will find him/herself sitting on the chair blindfold.

As soon as the student does that, the perspective of the inner observation changes, he/she will lose the physical sense and will find him/herself in a new body standing two meters in front of him/herself. If he/she looks upon him/herself, the student will see that he/she is in a transparent body, which is a complete copy of the physical carrier.

The student will also notice the tiny white line, which is representing the human contour and some smaller or larger blue illumination around it. The whole room will be perfectly visible to his/her astral vision and he/she will soon discover that he/she can see much better and deeper than being ever able with his/her physical eyes, of course if that is what the individual wants.

Perhaps in the beginning, the student will experience biolocation because of not being experienced enough to hold his/her consciousness on the astral plane but in time one will learn to control the new, immaterial body.

Now is the right time for the student to learn to use the astral body, starting with a strong command to leave the apartment. As soon as he/she does that, the student will realize that his/her astral body reacts on even tiniest wish or command.

To reach the apartment where the second assistant is, the student can concentrate to find him/herself directly in front of the table where the task is and his/her astral body will teleport there immediately. It is also possible to do the same by the standard way of penetrating through walls, entering into other apartments, going out and flying until reaching the target apartment, etc.

However, after the student has reached the target apartment, he/she has to look around and walk to the table where the photo has been placed. It is appropriate to try to remember as many details as he/she can about the apartment and all the things seen on the way there and back, before he/she returns to the physical body.

After the student regains the physical feeling of sitting on the chair again, he/she has to describe the photo to the first assistant with all the data noticed during the astral excursion.

Then, the assistants have to compare all the data from the studentís statement by their mobile phones. When the second assistant confirms the accuracy of the data in the studentís statement, the first assistant is writing down the result in the notebook or a laptop. The student has to repeat the same procedure by reading a sentence from some book, which will be put on the table of another apartment. The reading should not be difficult for the astral vision of the student because of the previous experience with it.

However, it can take some time to master this to perfection. Then, the tasks will become increasingly difficult and chosen on the second assistantís free choice. For example, the assistant can put some thing in a closed box somewhere in the apartment and the student using the astral body has to find where the box is and what is in it. All the results will have to be constantly monitored. A good exercise for the astral development of the student would be to work with both assistants at the same time.

Reading 10 digit numbers, one that will be in the same room in front of the first assistant and one that will be written on a sheet of paper in front of the second assistant is the content of this exercise. The best test for the limits of the studentís power will be to solve tasks that are very distant from his/her physical body by taking astral trips to other countries if he/she has some friend to assist him/her with the training.

Note: When the student has reached the level to read with his/her physical eyes closed and by using only the inner eye, the student will have to develop his/her mental skills more and more. In time and with practice these abilities will increase and the effects of the mental power will be beyond average human understanding.

As far as clairvoyance is concerned, I will have to note that it is not complete until the third eye is fully open and active. However, now the very advanced student who has mastered all these seven stages has also made tremendous step forward, but a long and unknown path still has to be walked ahead.

I have presented all seven stages designed for the awakening and developing of the third eye. In this particular case it is the clairvoyance ability through the step by step opening of the psychic eye from which the sixth and the seventh are the most appropriate for developing many other psychic abilities like telepathy, psychometry, psychokinesis, etc.

Presently, our solar system is gaining powerful energy from outside, and that outer energy is changing entirely the Matrix structure of this region.

And I mean on every level and on every harmonic. This change as was previously presented will finish on 28 March 2013.

So probably this method that took me long time to complete, under this new conditions that we are exposed to, and the obvious DNA awakening on a global scaleÖit will probably be achieved much, much faster.

I hope that all this that was posted, will be useful to someone.

Best regards,
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