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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

So as I already posted in the topic, the spinning crop circles were not resonating much with me during the course of the year as they were being developed. Then the DVD came out and again for few weeks I didn't pay much attention. Then as I was hit by some frequencies in my half-astral state .. very similar shapes appeared in my minds eye and with the slight change of frequency those shapes changed slightly and parts of them flickered on and off.. exactly as when you would spin a crop circle and apply its frequency received by the frequency translation software. Someone obviously lost patience and wanted me to start paying attention.

As this experience left quite the impact on me I just knew I had to order that DVD. I just got it today and I have to say its very well done. I was a little afraid that the sound component will not be well adjusted.. but it is all good.. it fits very well. There is slight problem with the centration of some of the crop circles but overall I highly recommend it to anyone that feels they can have a use of it.

A word of caution however. This is in my opinion what you call in the computer world a very low level re-programming of your consciousness. I would compare it to programming in assembler in the IT world. As any IT guy will tell you, once you get to that level of programming you can create some seriously efficient stuff... or mess stuff up in a big way (including the operating system itself). The main advantage being that you can bypass any kind of hard coded feature imposed by the operating system.. something which is not possible at higher levels of programming/scripting.

And for those of you who are non-IT and haven't got a clue of what I am talking about... you can say that DNA itself is constructed of combinations of such images and frequencies. You could say these are the building blocks of DNA.. which in translation means that with sufficient repetition you can influence your own DNA and add these additional codes. But since human DNA is largely made of so called 'junk' DNA .. my opinion is that the crop circle makers are sharing with us blocks of DNA that we already have but are currently inactive. In practical terms, watching the spinning crop circles will cause resonance within these inactive parts of your DNA .. and consequently a reawakening of those parts.

Not everyone is ready for these powerful codes.. please employ your intuition. I highly recommend getting exposed to the basic sacred geometry patterns before trying this out. The basic sared geometry patterns will set the basis in your consciousnes for these more advanced constructs. The first time I was exposed to sacred geometry it took few weeks for my consciousness to adapt and reorganize under the influence of the new data.

Last but not the least thanks to Astralwalker for producing these

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