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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Nexus lost quite a bit of it's strengh along it's course mainly due by lack of knowing /agreeing to what files to go with during our meditations .
Love Always
Hi Mudra,

As frustrating as it was to end up going through what I went through right in the crucial stage of the first push forward with this project, I ultimately realize that it might have been for the best - we have covered enough ground at this point to be able to step back from it all and know what will work from what's possible. Now we have the collective experience we need to get the project back on track and arrive at a mutual consensus on the best approach to getting the maximum amount of people effectively working together.

With a set procedure and well-defined set of goals in mind, as you say, the only missing link is then an appropriate set of materials (the audio files) to work with, and this is something I can confidently promise to be able to provide, given my new circumstances that afford me both the time and sense of well-being necessary to follow through as I have envisioned from the beginning.

We can do this!!

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
Dear Friends.........
I have no problem that people learn hidden history and hidden technology......The only thing I would love to see is more Kindness, more using compassion and tolerance that there may be more than one way to know Creator.........and to build on strengths that are INCLUSIVE instead of overbearing,that ALLOW......
You're absolutely right Samarkis!

I forgot to mention what I believe to be the exception to the rule - some people out there can look into those matters without building a negative reactive base of energy towards the often frustrating truth behind why things have come to be the way they are - in my understanding and experience these people are very few indeed! This is why, overall, I can't help but to recommend a step A and B approach that allows one to (for the most part) move on from dwelling on those topics which can generate negative energy, mainly in the form of resentment towards the perpetrators of such things (especially given that they will undoubtedly continue in their ways indefinitely until a time arrives when something will happen that will clearly signify that this was never the intended way for those in advantageous positions such as theirs to operate... and we all are confident this time is coming soon I'm sure).

This is all to say that the nature of going back and forth between such matters and the realm of meditation is rather tricky business indeed, and this is another reason why I released the pre-meditation attunement file before releasing the main meditation files themselves.

It's not so much about using the specific file I provided as it is about understanding the importance of successful attunement and clearing of such energies before beginning a meditation session such as the kind we are engaging in, with the intention of pooling together our collective influence towards our common goal.

I would say that even more important than experience in meditation itself is the degree by which the participant can successfully clear these energies that are externally projected upon us, especially considering we are living in a modern world where we are constantly bombarded with it.

All in all, I can only feel that it is better to prevent that energy from ever getting in in the first place, than to improve one's ability to clear it, as there is only so far we can go in the latter case.

At any rate, I'm really looking forward to our new sessions beginning shortly, and I will be making it my top priority to complete the first file as soon as possible.

I will do my best to keep everyone up to date.

Take care!

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