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Default Re: Dan Burish promises ...

I wonder why B and K never pulled Dan Rubbish up on exactly 'who' these other supposed team member were? WHERE are they? There is 'Marci', there is 'Dan', they are visible, real 3D people, so why do the other 'members' require such anonymity? BS is why. These days, the 'Eagles' serve to discredit and slander, alone. They are copping it right back, double time.

With PC, I have a strong feeling it was merely a face saving excercise to let the prior 'revelations' and descriptions of Dan Burrito's star trek toys and timelines stand in the site (soon to be archive..). They went out on a limb with that idiot, and he slagged right into their faces.

I like Kerry, I think she's a fearless type to be admired. Bill also may have been too easily swayed at times, but has his charming moments too, and seems to me a nice guy. And they can also be as gullible as many of us (including I).

Amongst the tricks (paid or otherwise) of others, they have provided us much to work with, elements of possible buried truth that were not coming to light through any other channels.

Re: Dan Rubbish, his handler and his kitbag of total BS - No harm in admitting a simple error of judgement in my book!
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