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Talking Re: The funny things one can't do without

On not forgetting the can opener . . . .

The two of us were spending our first night together away from parental control. We were in a tent in our back yard - my sister and I, with a candle, a small gas cooker, a couple of mugs and a can of Nestles coffee and milk. But we soon found we didn't have a can opener.

We just sat and looked at that can and wished we'd remembered to bring an opener. But there was no way we were going to go back to the house and admit we'd goofed.

Imagine our chagrin when next morning we discovered that the label on the can was upside down and the can actually had a ring pull thingy for easy opening.

The moral? Look at everything from every angle before deciding to make the wrong decision. Once you've satisfied yourself that you have all the correct information, then you have the right to make the wrong decision, Lets face it, politicians are doing that all the time.
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