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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by lawlessline View Post
Sorry one other thing.

Love is the glue that we build our futures on. If we are doing a collecting meditation for love, then surely we are just one big gue factory. Maybe we should have specifique ideas of what is to be achieved with this meditation. the new directions and paradyms that is to be created. Without this it cold be a bit of a headless chick facture. the goal doesnot nescarilly have to be the same as long as it passes through love to achieve itqs goals. each part of the world needs a different thing.

Then it should be finished off by a clear global view.

I agree with you Tom

2009: Change through Love
excerpt from:

What a remarkable year time it is and 2009 has the potential to be even more amazing as we return to love on this beautiful planet we call home. From our vantage point, we can easily see how much change is currently underway in every corner of the globe that signifies this wondrous transformation unfolding in the hearts of everyone. Remember: what begins in our heart manifests in our outer experience of reality.

One by one and after many eons of allowing the illusion of separation to influence us, we are quickly recalling and embracing the oneness of humanity. Whether through our recognition of our interdependent relationship with the environment, the necessity of honest, visionary leadership in business and government, acknowledging the needs of our neighbors in distant lands, or just simply accepting our individual selves without limitation or condition, we are finally standing in our truth and light.

This is all happening by your personal efforts to change and evolve your thoughts and feelings. This change is not one of outer effort, instead it is the constant recognition and release of outdated and limiting beliefs that no longer serve. By acknowledging and letting go of the old worn out journeys of yesterday, each of us is creating a new reality based on love. This release is commonly known as forgiveness and together we are manifesting it as a new paradigm and opportunity to live in harmony.

Such a simple action with such profound results. Isn't this what our various collective seasonal holidays are designed to represent? The many humble teachers that came to prompt us with this simple message of love had no other desire than to remind us of our natural birthright that love is the way.

Ironically, when we remember that love is the answer, we forget there ever was a question. Unconditional love is that way, it knows no duality and therefore, creates no problems. Living daily with our focus on love, any limiting illusions naturally begin to dissolve before us and reveal the appropriate solutions in their place.

In those coming moments where it may be more challenging to see this potential, simply pause and take a deep breath. Your loving wisdom will instantly return and you will become a beacon of this light and love for others to turn to.

Be peace and you will know peace. Be love and you share it with the world.

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