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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The group efforts are fine, but what's needed is an on-going love vigil around the Earth. It's not meditation, which is important, I think, but it's applicable to each moment. It is growing, as we know, and as Mudra suggests, we need to remind ourselves to get back on track when we're off. How can we miss when Spirit comes through us? Everywhere we go we can be a prism, breath in light, breath out a spectrum. Talk about Rainbow Warriors.... Beam light at the clerk at the super market and be uplifted together. There is no darkness where there is light. Ernest Holmes says "...more light will be given as we use that which we have." It's an amazing time to be life. Those of us who are at this point of knowing seem to have a responsibility to try to stay very clear. I think those at this forum are pretty driven to that, anyway. These days I also intend light right before sleep. Aloha, bushycat
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