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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Greetings everyone,
To heal the Earth and all that is on and in it, needs a minimum of 5000 persons meditate simultaneously, according to instructions from an extraterrestrial high level civilisation.
Simultaneously 5000 and half an hour every day, as long as it takes.
As time goes by, there will be signs of improvements of decreasing criminality for example.
The following is a suggestion for individuals, small groups or big groups and there are many ways to do it (paradigm-dependent).
One example:

Find stillness in your mind.
Have LOVE (agape, philia) in your mind, or be LOVE.
Be charged (with life force).
Imagine the “energy ball”, but instead of the ball you have the “symbolic planet Earth” between your palms.
Imagine that you open a big funnel above your head and let the life force (divine cosmic light) flow into the funnel (crown chakra), through your arms and out through your palms into the “symbolic planet Earth”.
Think for example: “LOVE and LIGHT to EVERYTHING”.

There has been suggestions to have a fixed time globally, every 8th or 6th hour, which is a VERY good idea.
We could synchronise with the already existing activities.
There are already many people doing the planet Earth healing, and we should be very grateful.
We just join them in their meditation periods, to make a better impact.
To my knowledge, the energy flow is squared to the number of simultaneously participants.
We could start right now, and in the mean time is Starwalker and his helpers preparing for the “Big Event”.
Comments very appreciated.
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