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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

"As everybody of us knows what yin-yang symbolize"

Personally, I disagree. I think there is a lot of debate in what the Yin Yang symbolizes.

Many people seem to think it means good and evil and that they must exist together. This is duality, and I believe it is a trap to think we can't transcend this relative good and relative evil, and therefore a false interpretation of this spiritual symbol.

I believe the Yin Yang symbol represents the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the infinite, in Oneness.

Darkness is simply a lack of light, it has no substance. It is unnecessary for evil to exist, it's just an interesting ingredient in the experiment of duality, but in reality there is only One and it is time for us to move beyond relative good and relative evil.

The One has both a masculine and feminine side.

Masculine / Alpha / Yin = electricity, intelligence, creativity, the desire to experience and become More, the spiritual realm.

Feminine / Omega / Yang = magnetism, loving nurturance, the material realm.

The balanced union of the masculine feminine is our source. We must balance out the Yin and Yang within ourselves, the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves in order to make it to the next level in the schoolroom of the universe.

When relative good and relative evil is transcended you get to the true meaning of the Yin Yang in Oneness.

To me the double Yin Yang in the crop circle may mean something like "As above so below" Balanced union in the spiritual comes down to balanced union here within us in the material. Heaven comes to earth through balanced union, through our own consciousness kinda thing.

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