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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Part 4


The discovery of the Dr. Paul LaViolette had echoed deep in the scientific community. Despite the fact that it causes huge amount of controversy and disagreements, he succeed to reject all the attacks to his claims because there were based on pure scientific facts with a huge backup of material evidence.

To have different opinions from the one in the mainstream science and in the same time to stay highly respected in the scientific elite, can work only in one case – if it a case of a genius who has courage and will to look and analyze where the mainstream had stopped looking for a long time or that is already researched thermally and no other scanning on checking is necessary.

But the genius of this man is extraordinary and he often founds more and more parts of the puzzle that are missing so he can see the big picture.

When he was asked how he did it, he said that simple he knew where to look.

When they asked him to explain that better, he responded that in the same time he was conducting his scientific research he also conducted a thermal and detail study and analysis of ancient myths, traditions, manuscripts, maps, drawings and coded messages on the walls of most ancient temples.

From the extract of useful and confirmed data that he made from the research, he had gain a conclusion that on our planet there was once a very advance science. He found not breakable evidence of the existence of Space Age Science advanced at least as our or far more advance.

Vedas themselves were speaking about the technologies familiar and far advanced to ones that we use today, so nothing that we see today around us is discovered for the first time but everything in the process of rediscovery. This stands for every direction of science and aspect of existence.

Everything we see today, existed before and much more.

While Dr.Paul LaViolette was searching for some extremely important lead in the ancient records and myths, as I already stated, he also conducted complicated research and measurements in the field of Astronomy, worked on new theories in astrophysics, and he spend much time on studding Pulsars, Evolution Cosmology etc.

While doing this two parallel research, looking for some connection between them, one day he noticed that in the Western Zoodiac, is Sagittarius pointing towards Scorpion and it become clear to him that this is extremely important because it contains a hidden message that is thousands years old.

Then he draw the trajectory and come to a point which is very close to the galactic center. It is than that he discovered that the arrow of the Sagittarius is placed there to point directly at the center of the Milky Way.

All the stars had moved since that time, thousands of years passed, and that was little unclear to the Dr.Paul because there are several of Zodiacs.

We have Zodiac which is used in the western astrology; the Mesopotamians on other hand had 18 constellations, while the Chinese had other number of constellations. But the message that he is talking about can be found only in Western Zodiac.

In any case, whoever created this message he used certain cryptographic techniques. Also in the message were included some constellations that are out of the ecliptic as Saggita and Aquila.

Just for comparison, Aquila is the eagle that holds the arrow (Sagitta) and actually represent a clear Illuminati symbol on the dollar bill.

On the other side (on the southern hemisphere) in the message are implemented other constellations known as Centaurus Constelation and Crux.

Those constellations are found on the galactic equator and are on very important locations. They can be found on the distance of 1 radiant point from the galactic center.

With 1 radiant point we consider this: If we take the radius of the circle and we put it on the circumference we get 57.2957 degrees. This is equal to 1 radiant point.

Let we try to explain this in this way:

- In computer simulation we can put our planet in the middle of a circle and that point we can mark as our standing point or a point from which we are looking at the sky.

Then, we have to make a perfect copy of our northern hemisphere on the night sky and we have to look at the galactic center and to mark that point on the circle.

Now, if we move our look for a distance of 1 radiant point we see directly into the Sagitta Constellation.

On the other hand, if we simulate the same on the southern hemisphere and move our look for a distance of 1 radiant point we are looking directly on Centaurus Constelation and Southern Cross.


For everyone with little more knowledge of astrophysics and astronomy, it becomes clear in an instant, that, this could not be left by chance or that is simply a coincidence.

If we take in the consideration the both sides we come up with a simple conclusion that in the Western Zodiac there are two arrows.

One of the arrow is located in the northern hemisphere – Sagitta and points or shoots out of the galactic center while the other one is located in the southern hemisphere – Sagittarius and it points or is shooting directly into the galactic center!

Way…this is heavy information, if you are aware what is coming in 2012.

When you analyze what is illustrating you can clearly see that the arrow of the Sagittarius is indicating an explosion day and the arrow of the Sagitta is the result of that explosion.

In other words, the cosmic rays.

Lets get back to the explosions itself.

Can core samples give as a solid evidence if similar explosion or explosion happened before?


In the Beryllium10 graphs that indicate cosmic rays density, the strikes in the Earth’s atmosphere we can clearly see peaks.

There is one major peak right at the time when the message is indicating that something was happening and previous times.

There is one very large peak around 37000 ago which corresponds according to what we know, to the extinction of the Neanderthals.

If you look in the ancient myths of Hopi Indians, Incas, Mayas, Vedas and others, you can see that there talking about Ages and races which once existed and become extinct at certain times.

So this could be for example reference to one of the species that once existed on the planet, and they also they are talking about suns…forth sun, fifth sun and so on.

And when you look at the ice core records you see that the times of the beginning and the termination of the Ice Ages, not only the previous Ice Age but the one before that, corresponds with these huge peaks of cosmic rays.

So we can conclude that there was inner glacial period of something like 9000-11000 years between those two last Ice Ages.

And suddenly there was another peak of cosmic rays and glaciations began. So this cosmic rays peak seems to be climate triggers even for Ice Age even for an extreme wormer Age.

Dr. Paul LaViolette points out that this had to do with how long the superwave is lasting.

Anyway, today it is scientifically accepted that these galactic core explosions do happen despite the fact that the galactic core is not directly visible to telescopes because its heavenly secured by the interstellar dust.

We know that cosmic rays are released when such galactic event happens.

Also we are seeing it happening in other galaxies. Quasars for example are example for very intense explosions.

From what is discovered, this happens in cycles.

In basic, the large explosions appear in every 13000 - 26000 years.

From the recording of similar events happening in other galaxies, we can calculate that those cosmic rays are travelling around the speed of light, but this is questionable, the speed could be faster in some major explosions.

That is why you have frozen mamuts and other animals with food in their mouth like something unexpected happened on a global scale.

This is not impossible when we know that in the case of the Milky Way center there is a Supper Massive Black Hole which with its extreme gravitational power is pulling a huge amount of cosmic dust and gas towards the central point and when the process reaches its culmination, boom…an explosion so powerful that releases a visible beams “Jets” that consist mostly of ionized gas and plasma.

Cosmic rays that were travelling at such high speed can to a certain point explain the phenomena of frozen mamuts and other animals with a food in their mouths just as something unpredicted and suddenly happened on a global scale without any warning and caused an Ice Age.

However, if we summarise this, the message in the Western Zodiac indicates that on this trajectory date a galactic center energy creation event becomes visible!

In our case it will be right after the appearance of the New Moon on December 13th 2012, what also can mean a start of extremely huge catastrophic effects for our planet.

Scientists found that the core of the active galaxy can shine brighter then the galaxy itself. That is cosmic rays electrons braking away from the galactic core, close to the speed of light produce a bluish bright light, so bright that it masks the life of galaxy spiral arms and surrounding mass of stars.

Since our solar system is currently at the location of joining point between Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy and the Milky Way it will certainly affect us. Somehow the ones who left the knowledge to the Mayas and other cultures precisely knew about these events which are happening in cycles.

Strangely, the ancient Hopi Prophecy says:

[b]There will come a time, when a blue star will appear in the sky...Its light will shatter the darkness of the night... This blue light will bring a wind...A wind like that has not been seen on Earth for a long time...The blue star will bring a fire...This fire will be so bright and hot that will transform the matter of the Universe...The blue light from this star is a signal that forth world is ending...The blue star will cause the oceans to rise and top up towards the land, flooding the world...Almost all living things will physically perish in this great catastrophe.

Strangely, but this ancient “Hopi Prophecy” does not look so ridicules any more, but in contrary.

As we were saying earlier, since we ca not see the galactic core because its intervening dust clouds, most of the blue light from the galactic core explosion will come from the cosmic ray electrons emitted from the core.

During that 26 000 light years journey to us, those powerful cosmic ray electrons would continuously generate and beaming forward a bluish light.

Soon after they become visible for us on 13 Dec 2012, the superwave cosmic rays will start to penetrate the protective magnetic field of our solar system.

This will cause a network to form, faintly luminous cob web like filaments stretching out forth from the sky. Perhaps the most frightening phenomenon to occur in this early stage will be the prompt arrival of the electromagnetic pulse and perhaps shortly afterwards the arrival of a giant gravity wave.

It will impact our Sun and all the planets in our solar system, causing a severe bad weather and natural disasters, a shift of the magnetic and geological Poles which we all know where all that leads.

The gravity which holds the water in oceans in the moment of flip-over (Pole Shift) will no longer able to sustain equilibrium (balance) and the water from them no longer controlled by stable gravitation will escape on one side which means nothing else but a New Global Flood!

That will trigger Tsunamis few mules high, tearing apart of the continents, ash from the volcanoes and wind like no other seen so far.

This will happen when the precession of the Earth ends on 21.12.2012, (it takes 25,765 years to complete) the rotation will come to a stop and when that happens on the surface the ones that survive till then will experience what ancient records describes as the “heaven and the earth switch places and the next day the Sun raise on a different side”.

If you consider how much scientific and esotheric data streams down to that exact day, it makes you spin in you head, because different from everything else before all the rivers are flowing to this date in space in time…zero time point.

The Maya Calendar is primary based on a point in Pleiades.

Is this spot will no longer be on the same location in the sky on Dec 21 2012, and that is why their calendar does not function anymore?

Or they just run out of paper? – Common people. Think. It’s coming this way, and its coming soon!

The ancients left clear warning about this event, thousands years ago. We have to stop be ignorant!

But what about the Sun?

We are still not clear 100% what this exactly means for our Sun, but from the data that is confirmed or passed through the pictograms in the crops our star will drastically increase its mass.

The frendly “ETs” or the “Visitors”, if we can call them like that, despite the fact that there is a high probability that they are here longer then our race, clearly had draw on 22 July 2008 in a huge crop field in Avebury Manor / UK that our Sun will go through expansion in the mass and that will swallow the Mercury and Venus.

I’m aware that is sound outrages and fantastic, but you better wake up and see what they are desperately trying to tell us, because the mainstream media is corrupted and the property of Illuminati. Wake up!

Despite you are aware or not, we are in the middle of a Spiritual War!

There is not sitting on two chairs. Even you support what Shadow Government is doing by the influence of negative ETs or other hand you risk all you have and stand on a side of Light, to protect this planet and life that exist on it.

There is no two sides, you have to wake up, to choose a side, to understand that you are spiritual being inside the body, that there is heavy manipulation going on here on Earth, to understand your responsibilities and to act according what your heart tells you is right.

Look at this links and make up you own conclusions:

We know that extreme solar storm with unseen solar flares is coming before the end of 2012 and we know how all this will culminate and have affect on the life on this planet even if we are lucky to have the most soft 2012 scenario

-end of part 4-
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