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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Part 5


It is well known that the surface of the Sun pumps up huge amounts of heat and light in the space.

From time to time, those huge explosions become solar storms and travel to our planet.

When those solar storms hit into the Earth, in most cases they do not have fatal effects on the living forms but the dense energetic grid which makes our lives and our existence simpler, can easily serve as conductor or channel for the destructive solar storm energy and it can completely neutralize our electrical systems.

Day or two without electrical power is torture but months or years is simple not comprehendible. Despite the fact that the Shadow Government had foreseen this option long time ago, there are high chances that this will happen on the surface around the end of 2012, even sooner.

We have to take in consideration that even before the 21 Dec 2012 when the planetary alignment will happen, our Sun is already exposed on the influence of the strongest gravitational force that exist in the center of the Milky Way.

That is why, you can not look for long at the Sun, because is starting to burn like never before. There are huge changes on the Sun. People who meditate in the nature for at least 20-30 years waiting for the Sunrise knows what Iím talking about and that the Sun is not the same as before.

Despite there is a data, that Shadow Government is using some kind of plasma weapons to bombard the Sun, using HAARP and Tesla Technology, I personally think that it has to do most with the alignment with the central galactic point with the strongest gravitational pull.

Itís like there is some king of increased Aether exchange going on, and in more intensive and powerful way, that was not the case when we were little away from the central point of the galactic equator.

As we start to understand this new dynamic of new astro-physics it becomes obvious that the old model of our understanding of Universe is totally false in some areas, and not complete in most areas.

So we have to change it. Importunely, NASA and Shadow Government are hiding information from us, they have technologies centuries ahead, tested in secret underground military bases around the world but we have go on with what we have and to try to understand this before its too late.

Matter of fact, is were we are heading, even without 2012 in the next 10 years there will NWO on this planet, and it will not be a nice place to be anymore...

Anyway, the thing will go worse and worse, the Sun will burn hotter and hotter like never before, because the gravity from the central belt of the galaxy its already doing its ďmagicĒ. This gravitational pull and exchange of energy is also coming through some minor cosmic rays that are already hitting our solar system.

But make no mistake, those minor cosmic rays are not comparable with the proportion of the Nexus- A Storm of Superwaves that is coming. Those minor cosmic rays that are arriving everyday are only overture for what is coming. But even minor they bring a change to whole solar system, including to our Sun.

Also, make no mistake, the fact that our Sun was spotless for more then a month (it happens first time like this (Not just in the Solar Cycle 24)- since we are monitoring the Sun) and even now the Sun Spots are very rare.

Officially we did 400 years of tracking, but we all know that only in the last 50-60 years we had devices and technology for advanced and more precise measurements and observations.

Make no mistake Ė This is like a nasty silence before the storm comes.
Put in other words, when the right conditions will create inside the Sun at the end of 2012, and we can see that they are slowly forming, the solar storm that hit Quebec will look like a chilled game.

Please donít understand all this Iím presenting one way or another.

The things that Iím presenting are just like that, parts of natural cycles and it is better that they are understood in that way.

Without fear, without panic, and without prejudices. The Nature is not like this or like thatÖIts simple is.

It must become clear to everyone that the Universe is bigger then us and our lives.

We are only transit phenomena, although a part of whole cosmic reality.
This is neither good, neither bad. Its simple is.

From what we know, the Sun is a magnetic variable star that passes through a magnetic cycle that usually lasts 22 years, with the intense sun spots every 11 years. During the time of the solar maximum there are higher chances that Sun can produce massive solar storms.

During such a storm, the Earth would be under the influence of the Sunís bombardment, and the highest layer of the atmosphere would become such electrically dense that every equipment or technology that orbits our planet would be exposed to danger.

This hitting of the Earthís atmosphere will become bigger and bigger as those currents circulate above our planet.

The hardware and the rest electronic equipment will be burned and they will start to fall down. From bellow, they will be seen as meteors which burn on their way down through the atmosphere, but some of them will pass and eventually will hit the ground cause more or less damage.

That is why besides Hubble Telescope and other advanced telescopes in orbit, they started to build Telescopes like the one close to the South Pole (btwÖdid you know that there is a hole in the exact South Pole and our planet is hollow!) and elsewhere. The new ones are new are built with cover over them or underground with the seal that is opening and closing.

This new Telescopes has many objectives, but few of them is tracking the Nexus or The Superwave Event that is arriving from the galactic center, than tracking in infrared huge object Planet X which will intercept our solar system close to Pluto.

They are changing their strategy because they know that all the Telescopes and Satellites will be burn from the Sun, or destroyed by someone elseÖ

Anyway, it does not look very nice for us, ordinary people, who in the eyes of the Shadow Government are expendable.

But we are not expendable and we are going to prove it!

Letís go further.

The normal Sunís activity (if we can use that term because everything that we see around us everything but normal) is hardly detected by the surface people, because the Earth protect us with its magnetic fields called magnetosphere.

But this magnetic field has limits. During those intensive magnetic storms that comes from the Sun, our planet is hit like hummer from the magnetic waves, which results with magnetosphere stretchening and weakening of its defence.

The polarity of the solar wind is very important, and one polarity reflects from the magnetosphere like from a mirror, but the other polarity penetrates directly through Earthís magnetic shield. This means trouble for us.

That lives us with low defence. As we drifting slowly to the point of alignment with the central galactic point, we are clearly seeing that the conditions for this are developing inside the Sun.

If this continues further with nominal space rhythm, the sunís surface will release a billions tons cloud of electrified gas known as Coronal Mass Ejection or CME.

In normal conditions, it takes 8-10 hours of travelling before the massive solar flare hits our magnetosphere. But many things will not normal in space around the end of 2012. If the conditions are changed than the strength and the speed of the CME are different according to that change.

Today, we know that in a case where huge amounts of cosmic dust and gas start to fall into the Sunís surface, in the moment of impact produces conversion of the gained kinetic energy into heat.

In the same manner, in case of penetration of huge amounts of cosmic dust and gas into our solar system during a super wave passage, this cosmic dust and gas will certainly reach our Sun, they will penetrate under its surface and cause irritation and make the Sun to burn much hotter.

Besides that, cosmic dust cocoons will surely surround the Sun. That would generate increasing of the Sunís surface temperature as a result of the interception of sunís energetic flux output, and immediately after, a reflection of the same, back to the sunís surface.

Those two effects would surely produce extreme solar wind, appearance of extreme big and dangerous solar flares for life on Earth.

In other words, the cosmic dust and gas that will arrive at the end of 2012 into our solar system with the coming of the Nexus Ė Superwave Event, will cause our Sun to start to behave like T Tauri Star.

T Tauri stars are stars that are surrounded by thin cloud of interstellar gas and dust which induces that they become highly bright because of starting of continual coronal activity.

In the end they become strong emitters of cosmic rays!

In case of our Sun, where the solar flares (used to) occur 1-10 times in the year period, in Superwave Event they will start to appear frequently on the Sunís surface...

-end of part 5-
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