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Default Re: Zeitgeist: Project Venus Pioneers

Update & Zeitgeist Movement Radio Address | Sun. May 31st '09‏


First, This weeks radio show will occur on Sunday, May 31st at 3pm
EDT. This is a temporary shift as Peter has an obligation the next

In the first hour, Peter will address your questions along with
Movement updates, and Jacque and Roxanne will join in the second hour
with new developments and specifics points

Also, we want to thank you all for listening to these. The Zeitgeist
Movement's Address is now the most popular show on,
85% of the month. Let's keep it that way!


Please note that there has been continuous and ongoing back-end
website work, in the attempt to make

the functionality more user friendly in the Forum, Teams,
Communities, Project Management, Chapter Applications, and the like.
We apologize for the delay and the slow pace.

Here are a few coming updates to the website:

1) Full "How to use this website" instructions will run down all
aspects of participation, from contributing to Translations, to
organizing Community Events.

2) We are going to host a United States "state template" system for
all 50 states. Through out Joomla programming we will bring in
dedicated Content/Chapter managers for each State, which will be the
next sub-tier of our Main English site for the USA.

3) We will also have a well organized/programmed Template Download
for anyone who wants to begin a City or International Chapter.

4) We are going to reorganize all Project Teams, initiating a set of
dedicated Managers for each which will oversee relevant projects.

5) We are going to begin a "Zeitgeist Media Project" which will
enable those in the Creative and Communications teams to work to find
mediums and approaches to furthering awareness of our goals.

More soon.

In Solidarity,

Zm Team"

United, we shall prevail!

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