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Default Re: Zeitgeist: Project Venus Pioneers

ZDAY New York City 2010: Poll‏

Peter here- I have a favor of all of you and would really appreciate the

On the main home page on the website we have put a poll requesting info
about possible attendance for our 2010 ZDAY New York City (Main) Event.

(top left)

Please go there and let us know if you think you might attend (90%
certain). This is important information for us so we can gauge the
nature/size of the venue(s). We intent to create a powerful event of high
magnitude, stretched across possibly two venus- with massive media

As with all Movement events, they are non-profit; meaning that the ticket
price will reflect what is required to cover the expenses of the event
itself and nothing more.
This will be outlined in detail on our site (full disclosure) once it's set

Last year, the New York City event was full 1 month in advance, with many
left not being able to attend. We don't want to make the same mistake this

Thank you for your help.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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