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Default Re: Combatting Upcoming Virus'

silver is very good
you can get it here
colodial silver
$25L40 -
i've been utilising it for over 10 years - and, i'm NOT blue
they ship worldwide & utilising very high testing in all their products !!!

since i taken colodial silver-i've never been sick

also, as, your trinity - higher self/essence/and, monad
to re-install your vibrations from zero point to 1,
zero point to 2, zero point to 3, and, so on,
up to zero point to 1000

utilise a pendulum - to check to see, if you got them installed

it's really simple - NOT to get sick - ask, to rise your vibration

and, kill anything, that doesn't belong in your system - silver is great
for doing just that
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