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Default Re: Zeitgeist: Project Venus Pioneers

Greetings Avalonians! This is my first porst to this forum, and it is in this thread because if not for Zeitgeist and films like it, I doubt that I would have ever paid any attention whatsoever to PC and would have never joined Avalon.

That said, I would like to say that I know better than many the ins and outs of the Venus Project. I first discovered it in 2001, and was quite intruigued. I had shown it to some student friends of mine, and they weren't nearly as interested as I. It soon faded to the back of my mind.

It came rushing back to me years later when I first saw Zeitgeist: Addendum. Through a whirlwind of syncronicity, I ended up being the main organizer of one of the largest Zeitgeist rallies in the US in 09' I no longer consider myself to be part of that movement for reasons I explain later. I learned a great amount from my experiences, and encourage those who are seeking a better world to become the change that they seek, whatever that may be.

I have to say that to some degree both sides of the debates on this thread have a large dosing of truth. To make clear though, the system propsed by TVP(The Venus Project) is rooted in the logical application of knowledge for the betterment of ALL humankind. It is not perfect, but it is seemingly over-analysed by many. To judge the concept broadly based on one or two aspects is not wise in my eyes. Another thing, the said approach draws on many aspects of thought/philosophy, and cannot in fairness be defined by old systems. It is not Marxism, nor is it Socialism.

Some things come to mind:
-I have always viewed the aspect of cybernated systems to be a slippery slope, and many people agree. The concern in my eyes has to do with dependancy. Technology is ok to a degree, but it can impede on our ability to properly function within the laws of creation. If we put the power into an external force, we lose our personal power as humans becoming, projecting oneself into victim consciousness. Without a quantum leap spiritually for the mass-consciousness of the planet, technology mainly equates to externalization of responsibility.
-Jacques Fresco is a very brilliant man, but is very tech mended. He has a strictly science/engineering aproach. He has not taken seriously the meeting point of science and spirituality. Zeitgeist director Peter Josephs feelings regarding metaphysics is that if the scientific method were applicable it would have to be in the physical realm, i.e. not METAphysical, resulting in a paradox(Not verbatim, and I did not hear him say it, a friend passed it along).

Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote. The rest can be found in the "about me:night light" section of
...But I was already starting to feel disenchanted with the Zeitgeist Movement. Jacque Fresco, the social engineer who created The Venus Project 60 years ago, who had earned my respect and admiration years ago, was saying that society needs to collapse much further before it will be prepared to implement a TVP style “resource-based economy”. Already 100’s of 1000’s of people all over the world were enthusiastically joining the movement; because they weren’t willing to wait for further collapse. Nor was I.

I must point out here something that may seem off subject, but bare with me. The Venus Project, while being a complete redesign of the structure of society, doesn’t touch on spirituality at all. It only states that people will be allowed to believe whatever they want. It is a strictly scientific system, and by definition meta-physical is neither repeatable nor verifiable therefore outside of our current definition of science.

Here is the problem. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I believe that the only way to circumvent further collapse before implementing such a drastic redesign of our society is through the evolution of consciousness. We are one consciousness and it is our realization of that fact that describes the evolution thereof. Allow me to explain…

Biological science has shown that all living things developed through evolution; and ultimately started as single-celled organisms. At that level, the organism is conscious of itself as a single cell. At the point it evolves into a multi-celled organism it becomes aware of itself as multiple cells. That is how I view evolution of consciousness. We are now becoming a galactic culture and we need to realize that working together instead of against each other is the only way to survive and thrive, just as those single celled organisms realized so long ago.

The Venus Project is after the same thing. Set up a system based on humans using logic and mutual understanding to accomplish abundance and core values. So by overlooking the global shift in consciousness of the world at large, the planners behind The Venus Project are shooting themselves in the foot in my eyes. So because of this disconnect in ideas, I took another alternate path...
I do need to make clear that even the people at TVP and ZM are aware that the picture they paint of the future is not exactly what will happen in reality. They are however participating in the creation of a better world, albeit in a way that perhaps may be a little short sighted. What is important to recognize and appreciate is that there is a lot to be said for the ripple effect that efforts such as these represent. The resulting developments in the near future will be that of a new paradigm, which will require not just thinking outside the box, but the realization of a new set of circumstances entirely.

Call it--- new thought..
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