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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

I'd like to add my experience to all of yours...

I quickly found a deep meditative state, a sort of "love channel" and felt the energy pulled through me like a quickly flowing river: joyous and rushing to join the rest, a high adrenalin flow which made my heart beat resonate in all my body.

I saw the earth form, initially between two hands, then swept up in loving arms, as if one would a tiny infant, cradled lovingly by a humanoid form made of flowing energy (the face and lower part of the body was not distinct as I mostly concentrated on the loving embrace). I had visions of this alternating with visions of particularly beautiful locations of the earth from a bird's eye view (like in the film "Jonathan Livington Seagull" now comes to mind).

I found myself smiling and feeling quite happy during the meditation, and 50 minutes into the meditation, that is during the very last 10 minutes, I felt an enourmous surge of energy.

I, too, didn't want to leave, but after I had remained in this meditative state an extra 10 minutes, felt that I was given "permission" to leave (it was like someone said "You have done enough for now" and kind of cut me off; I was a little shocked but I felt good about it) because the next group joining in was connected and the energy was flowing sufficiently. The vision of the earth embraced by the energy receded, or rather I was pulled away backwards. A bit reluctantly, I concluded the meditation session with thanksgiving.

Peace and Good Will!
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