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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

A wondrous sword was Fallowblade, the finest weapon ever seen;

Forged in the far-flung Inglefire, wrought by the hand of Alfardene,

Famed mastersmith and weathermage. Of gold and platinum 'twas made:

Iridium for reinforcement, gold to coat the shining blade,

Delved from the streams of Windlestone; bright gold for slaying wicked wights,

Fell goblins, bane of mortalkind, that roamed and ruled the mountain heights,

Upon a dark time long ago.

A verse from 'The song of the Golden Sword'

Adh: luck, fortune; one of the four fates of the Sanctorum

Fionnbar Aonaran
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'
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