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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
Michael -

I am having trouble keeping track of projects. Project IBIS. All I can find is this: EU-IBIS - European Union Invasive Bacterial Infections Surveillance Network. Could you please define IBIS, as I'm certain my result is wrong. (Sorry, if you've done this elsewhere - I missed it then.) I listened to your 2007 interviews on Ken Adachi's site (transcripts - some words in the transcript seem a bit off, I don't think the transcriber caught your accent at times). I do want to post some of your responses here too:

- Possibly this is a continuation of Nazi super race projects, genetic creations. Because I know one of the sub projects at Mannequin I was involved in was called the Tigress program. And in that they were taking modified animal DNA and injecting it into remote viewers to genetically enhance espionage agents.

- The genetics labs, yeah. But the Harwell genetics study was called Project Oak Tree and that was (inaudible) into one of the major hospitals in the country. Still is. Still looking for psychic children.

- Well, Barry King says that it comes up on your records that you’re part of a genetic survey, but it doesn’t say what that survey is. All your medical records are actually routed through the NSA, through Harwell.

Finally, and *importantly* - There have been recent low profile changes in Canada's foreign policy, as it relates to your early years in Canadian cog (I'd say torture) labs. I do consider your status as one of child soldier; this is what these programs are. Please note that remediation is being stripped away Canada's foreign service language now, i.e. [old] child soldier vs [new] children in armed conflict. Like GWB, PM Harper does not support the ICC (International Criminal Court).

"Gender Equality", "Child Soldiers" and "Humanitarian Law" are Axed from Foreign Policy Language [Published July 29, 2009 ] - With subtle strokes of the pen, it appears the Conservative government has been systematically changing the language employed by the foreign service and, as a result, bringing subtle but sweeping changes to traditional Canadian foreign policy.
TIGRIS program not tigress. This was a sub-project of IBIS- other names to look out for-






KAMAGOL- 27th December 1976- Dec 28th 1976




Names to look out for




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