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Default Re: Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama

I wonder if any "media personalities" from "hollywood" will be attending the Awake and Aware conference that could be inspired to do the same for ufo disclosure?

but i spoke to my mother earlier,
and she remembered when i mentioned this video to her the day it was posted.....

She told me she was watching some lame-a$$ television show ( i think somthing similar to "access hollywood" or one of those lemming shows.....


she told me they were talking about charlie sheen and buzz aldrin leaving a restaurant together,
apparently having a friendly meal. lol

( i find it hilarious (sad really)... that there are actually things on television telling people what celebrity ate where and whom they were with and who they are dating, and what their favorite gender of the day is and what their armpits are scented like.. etc etc) )

i found it interesting to note , after charlies "truther" campaign,
hanging out with someone who holds more secrets than most people alive. lol

mr.sheen and mr buzz aldrin, chillin? lol
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