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Default Re: Would Disclosure = Nuclear war?

Hi guys,

Sorry to say but discloser will not happen. Not only would it be very detremental for the human race here, but also for all those out there. It would nly benefit the side that people say are the bad guys. Although I don't believe in good and bad. Discloser is not gonna happen. It would be a disaster for the whole universe if it was to happen now. If it does it will be 10 or 15 years.

You are right on one level, it could start a war but a war way beyond this planet. I hope for one that the discloser doesn't happen and it is for that reason.

The other thing that I have never understood. If they have all this contact, if they are friendly intentions? Then why for crying out loud are they dealing with a division of the human race which uses arms to resovle the problems of this world. I wouldn't buy their disclosure.

Just thought I'd put my pennies worth in.
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