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Default Re: Would Disclosure = Nuclear war?

@ mntruthseeker: What's that video of a remote controlled flying saucer with a propellor got to do with real disclosure?

No disclosure should not start any nuclear war (though who knows what North Korea and Iran could do if they do have nukes). The USA is not the only country in the world that has secrets and I am sure that many other countries governments have made contact with ETs and worked with the USA on some things also.

It is just the fact that they have been keeping things secret from the public that elected them into office and denying everything, not to mention using trillions of dollars of tax money in black budget operations while still running the 1960's technology NASA farce that costs a lot too.

Good things will happen. I see no reason for it not to be similar to having a group of people from a foreign country, who look the same as us or slightly different, but are much more technologically advanced, due to a long uninterupted progression of technology that the Earth has not been able to have properly due to natural disasters and major Earth changes in the past - e.g. the great flood and possibly ancient wars that bought us back to basics.

Full disclosure will be the best thing that has happened to modern man.
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