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Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
Is it possible that Stitchin is a front man for the Annunaki? According to Arizona Wilder's testimony, Stitchin himself is a shapeshifter and he is controlling the message that is delivered. She is not giving us her opinion, she is saying what she herself witnessed during satanic rituals which he took part and led.

My discernment is very strongly in line with Kerry's on this one, the Annunaki are not a friendly bunch as much as they might like you to think otherwise.

Spiritual truth is where the true power lies, personally, I believe the Sumerian tablets is all dark side of the force stuff, our fake and manipulated history more than anything.
Let me first say that I follow the work of David Icke, and agree with lots of what he says. I do not believe a lot of what Arizona Wilder said though. I watched the full interview and heard David say that Sitchin had also warned him against investigating the reptilian shapeshifters. He didn't elaborate further to express why Sitchin thought he should avoid that material. I don't believe that Sitchin is a "front man" for the Annunaki. I believe that he has given his lifetime to the study of Sumerian history and that he felt compelled to share that information with others. As I stated before, in my opinion, humans have some of the same good and bad types as the Annunaki. Nowhere does Sitchin state that they were reptilian. In fact, he makes it clear that they were/are humanoid in appearance. To be sure, there were some really bad Annunaki who did terrible things such as using nuclear weapons against one another, having sex with humans that was not seen in a good light, etc. You cannot group an entire race into the category of evil or bad guys just because some of them do terrible things. There were others who did extraordinarily kind things for humans and those same ones had a love for humans that others did not, which is why humanity survived the deluge; love and compassion. I encourage you to read all of Sitchin's work with an open mind before you condemn him and the Annunaki. There are many investigators such as Jim Marrs, Lloyd Pye and even Bob Dean who are believers in Sitchin's work because they've also researched the seemingly unbelievable tales of the Annunaki.
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