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Default Re: On Project Avalon 2: I am Impressed. A worthwhile Transition

I think that one has to ask themselves if they have (perhaps even unintentionally) offended anyone or judged another's opinion. I've certainly not tried to and at the same time I've never put much worthy info out there as much as I've learned from this place over the years.
I was invited right away but I haven't gone there yet... All seems to complicated and I think I would almost miss the drama that goes on here, and most of all the knowledge passed around.
You've all become like family... so many different personalities, so many different views but I don't judge any of you. Heck I don't even interact with many of those I've come to know and respect for their 'different' aspects but I still love yous (silently)
I realize that we are all on different journeys at different points in time and I can appreciate it all, good, bad and ugly... The drama is like watching a movie at times and keeps my mind off the real news, which is probably a good thing... I can appreciate that too

PS... Got logged into PA2 at my work the other day... I was traumatized because they didn't even recognize my password. Couldn't log in. Couldn't find our normal page! It sucked!... I do want to check it out however! Just need my password fixed
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