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Default Re: On Project Avalon 2: I am Impressed. A worthwhile Transition

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Please stop with this Ellie. What you say is not true. People are getting invites on an absolutely random basis, and yes maybe they thought of their friends or favorites first. That's all they can do is pick one person at the time and keep moving through the list. And yes, your current attitude is not very much appreciated. The moderators have volunteered their time on this project and worked long and hard on it - please stop beating them up.
I've been watching this from a distance for some time now.

I really wouldn't know what to say to be honest. I do have a picture in my head though, a picture is worth a thousand words apparently. Unfortunately I have to use words to describe the picture.....

a well used sand-box, and in the box are a bunch of kids fighting over a few old and tired toys and their little bit of space in the box. The kids are normally friends but because they have been spoilt for so long they have forgotten what friends are and only see their own needs, desires, cravings........... They have become so caught up in their own selfish fray that they can't see that the other kids actually need them to be strong and giving, to assist and love......

It is all very very sad really and to be truthful, heartbreaking....


edit to add this...

if this is indeed a test, i am afraid we have all failed. Start over....try again....
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