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Hello Luminari, Just finished reading info from the Avalon Library called "Day" something, I clicked on it and my curiosity led me to a lecture called 'New Order of the Barbarians' very scary you'll find it under 'miscellaneous'. Its about a Medical Professor who gave a talk in l969 to 80 or so Doctors telling them all about the draconian NWO laws that he and others are going to be implementing. You will read that, they the audience were told to turn off any recorders and not to take notes. However one Doctor did and this is the transcript. Suggest you read it, and perhaps you might then ask yourself if the coming pole shift and weather anomolies are man made and put in to bring fear to us. If you manage to read it, let me know what you think! ITS CALLED 'THE DAY TAPES' in Miscellaneous (general)

p.s. How many of you are planning to go up to Atherton, may I ask?

Friendship and Love

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