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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post

As I can see, some people are leaving Avalon. Personally, I don`t know the reasons for this, but anyway this is their decision and their right. I have no any negative thought about them, for me they are beautiful souls, i love them and I wish them to continue expressing their thoughts, emotions, knowledge...wherever they are.

Od course, it is not all the same for me, but what we can do...? Well, nothing special, let us just continue spreading our love and try to make this forum more dynamic...Also, perhaps we can try more intensively to spread the word about our activities here...

Let us not be just passive observers. The time is coming when we shall all need each other, I am sure.

My Love for you. - KRUVEL
it was great site full of energy good and bad as usually the case in this 3D world
but people were openly expressing themselves ,the moment some are trying to make living "taxing "this open expressions or restrict the flow where the ideas are evolving
is the moment that instead if expansion what comes is less and less energy /traffic.
to the point that 2 weeks ago half of the mods left the forum and this tread
despite long awaited may 9 is very quiet ,what is the mater Astralwalker
don't have more of those inspiring pictures to post ? another idea of watching youtube video collectively ?

but seriously it was good to share the dream with you guys ,the links on this tread
were superb learned a lot from them ,looks like time to move on .

KRUVEL or others before you launch another attack "how dare he "
peace bro ,and love don't forget about love ,
besides we are One ,so you in a sense wrote this too, you just don't know it

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