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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Luminari View Post
Stewart is a good man with some special abilities and an interesting perspective on things.
He is not the fountain of all knowledge on planet earth...

His 'Hyperspace Archetypes' which I have studied has no connection to the Crop Circle phenomenon apart from the fact that Stewart says they do...

Please be very careful before you get sucked into the soul destroying belief that the Lightworker/New Age network is evil or an Illuminati 'trick'.
Without these wanderers and very loving open minded people what would we have left... nothing much worth living for.
Just a dying race repeating the cycle of annihilation from Mars, Malona, Atlantis etc

I hope we can get over this and work together for global enlightenment.

universally yours,

Did I ever say "Lightworker/New Age network is evil or an Illuminati 'trick'." lol I said it has been massively infiltrated..this is more visible in other forums in internet. Corp circle phenomenon is absolutely connected to hyperspace language and it is self looks otherwise in times because there are infinite number of archetypes. BTW i am not saying nothing will happen between now and 2012 but ascension or transition is simply not possible it's a hoax. For that to happen you have to either physically die, or technologically jump to other dimensions/realities, or you should be albe to use your mind to travel inter-dimensionally. That's my take.. sorry if I hurt you or caused your left brain to ignite..
PS: Stewart is not the only one that i rely on there are 2 other persons who are like Stewart but not public..also using hyperspace techniques u will be able to get first hand knowledge in many areas yourself


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