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Default Re: Project camelot suspended?

Who ever is messing with it, they are turd heads. I have not touched the control panel on my blog site in months and it keeps having random performance issues. I then contact them and they say "We can not replicate your problem, try clearing your cookies". Then I go back to my site and it works fine. Then two weeks later same deal. I am using one of the most secure respected Host servers out there and my site is getting hacked. I would not doubt it for a second if that was happening on Camelot and Avalon as well. For a couple of days here on Avalon, I kept getting database error messages when ever I tired to post. Something fishy is going on.

It may be a good sign. They are getting so desperate to try to hold on to what power they have left that they are throwing rocks at the peasants to try to shew them away. Ha Ha
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