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Default Re: 911 no planes?

Hi John, Henry, Ron, everyone:

I enjoyed Henry's question mark.

What seems to have happened is this: (great theater...)

John thought EYES WIDE OPEN was Henry Deacon... and insulted Henry (but addressing it to EYES WIDE OPEN).

Then Henry saw it later and posted his question mark.

John, you know that I respect you hugely. But what you said (AS IF to Henry was not warranted. Henry has been to some places few people ever have - but not (to the best of my knowledge) on any turnip truck.

As best I know, you don't know the guy. John, do take the trouble - after all the trouble you HAVE taken to collect all your data - to get his data also. Not logical, Captain, to ignore that.

For those who don't know the history:

Henry stated on Camelot (publicly) that the WTC planes were real, not holograms - because (explained to me privately) he personally worked on the technology used in the data transfer from the 9/11 control base to the "white aircraft" (the data relay plane) ... which was relaying control data to the actual WTC aircraft.

On that basis (and ALSO from what he was briefed about, as I understand it) Henry fairly reasonably concluded that the WTC planes were real.

If they WEREN'T - then there was even more of a charade going on than anyone realizes even now, and those with good data need to work together to figure this out.

Repeat: work together...

There's a real opportunity here to collaborate to figure things out. If we miss this, then we're all dumb.

I'll now monitor this thread with tremendous interest...

Very best to all - Bill
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