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Default Anomaly Found Near Pluto

Anomaly Found Near Pluto

You will need a translator for english


Apparently Pluto is being "wrecked" by an unknown object (actually they are saying Brown Dwarf)that is also having a effect on Jupiter and other Planets including the Sun. They actually provide cordinates to locate the object. For those that don't know there is also an Anomaly that has happened on Venus too (bright spot located on bottom on the 19th of this month). This get me to think, with the recent anouncement that the Pentagon was no longer going to share data from its spy sats of incoming objects, and the so far "un-explainable" rise in tides on the entire East Coast as of late. Not to forget this Monday the US is conducting the largest Terrorist excercise to date including 5 other countries for 5 days....

Makes me think that there might be something to this.
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