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Default Re: Its time to play, choose your timeline!

Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
I have been wondering about this for some too. I feel that I am currently being dragged too the negative, though thats not where I finally want to end up. Like all my attempts of escape attracts the negative side. Strange, anyone else here experiencing it? i also have been feeling numb and unconnected to the "higher realms for some time, despite all my efforts to clean my body from toxins and keep an open mind.

I also feel (or hope) that if one gets stuck in the negative timeline, its only a detour where eventually the two will meet again in the grand finale.
I am also experiencing it...i have felt upside down for a while though a few days back and today i can feel the surge of the Kundalini reactivating the Heart. But as we are Holographic to our universe changes are expected...just look at the weather! we are connected.
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