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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Spiritual Mastery and the Coming of the Noosphere

The creation of a spiritual battery consisting of a unified network of the most spiritually advanced brotherhood ever gathered on earth, engaged in a galactic meditation program on behalf of a whole planetary synthesis would in itself constitute a noospheric act – the true fulfillment of the 2012 prophecy. The noosphere, according to V.I. Vernadsky, is “a new evolutionary condition of the biosphere in which the geological role of humanity is dominant.” This new evolutionary condition is the result of an unprecedented crisis of the earthly biosphere. Such a crisis we are currently experiencing. This is an evolutionary crisis and a noospheric emergency. As the mental sheathe of the planet, the noosphere is the human being’s responsibility. Presently the humans are creating a noospheric pollution, a mental fog of egotism, terrorism, and war. To dissolve this fog a higher consciousness cleansing agent is required – the action of the spiritual battery of which we have already spoken.

If say, 144 million humans by 2012 were engaged in a common meditation on a daily basis, humanity would begin to experience a spiritual mastery greater in its cumulative effect than all the atomic bombs in the world. There have been great epochs of human creativity in which a spiritually inspired mass lifted the level of civilization to new heights – Sung dynasty China, Islamic civilization at its peak in the thirteenth century, or the great era of the cathedral building in Medieval Europe, to name but a few. But consider the inspired effect of a unified global spiritual force responding to the noospheric emergency, creating a network of unified mental energy – a luminous noospheric sheathe thrown around the planet for its own protection?

To be effective, everyone participating in this meditation must agree on practicing the same method, with the same intention, and the same understanding. The method is to enter into a thought-free state where the ego is transcended altogether. The point is to remain in that state, and whenever a thought arises to just dissolve it, giving it no power. In this way experience the condition of dhikr’ullah – the Remembrance of God, or the nirvakalapa samadhi or the state of rigpa, the unconditioned, self-existing non-dual empty state of primordial awareness which is the nature of the true self.

In this primordially pure state one should have the underlying intention of creating a mental network with all the others practicing this meditation – for how can there be other than the single state of mind that knows without knowing? One must imagine this network covering the planet as a sheathe of non-conceptual light suffused with a profound and wordless compassion for all beings without exception, knowing that the suffering of humanity is due to its having fallen out of this sublime state.

Further, there should be the knowledge that this state of ego-free mind has always existed, that it is the deathless state of the immortal great ones. As such it extends throughout the galaxy, dispersing itself through the entire cosmos. In its galactic interconnectedness this state of mind is participating with other intelligences on this plane of reality as well as in other dimensions of existence. It is the universal cosmic consciousness, experienced by numerous beings, simultaneously synchronized by the perception of the coming of the Hour, December 21, 2012.

We shall not say what creative acts will stem from the cumulative effects of such an endeavor, acts unpredictable from our present vantage point. But if one devotes an hour each day to this practice, anonymously and without seeking any personal benefit on behalf of the betterment of the whole and the salvation of the Earth, there is no question that the arrival of the Hour in 2012 will be but one of total illumination and a rebirth of imaginal wonder. Let us begin now, and proceed, one day at a time, until the arrival of the exalted moment – that the world may begin anew.

Love Always
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