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Default Re: Are Chemtrails Good or Bad?

What follows is a post from the thread "Are Chemtrails Increasing Worldwide?":

Originally Posted by Curlybird View Post
Chemtrails come in many different flavors and none of them are good for you. The original proposal for a shield of high level atmospheric particulate was developed by Edward Teller, the man that brought you the H Bomb. I believe you can find the memo at, Cliff Carnicom's excellent site investigating chemtrails.

William Thomas, the first real in-depth investigator, has a great timeline that even links some of the patents originally filed by Bernard Eastlund of Atlantic Richfield now under the auspices of HAARP.

Chemtrails are known to contain micro particulate aluminum dioxide, barium dioxide, calcium and magnesium. Additionally, pseudomonis aeroginosa, normally a soil bacterium has been found in the trails. PA will not harm you unless you happen to be immuno-compromised as many people are today.

If they are attempting to follow Teller's proposal, the very chemicals they are using will bounce back a bit of the sun's rays, but will also heat the atmosphere to a greater extent as the specific temperature of each is higher than the gasses our atmosphere are comprised of.

After studying Chemtrails for about 10 years, I believe that they are predominately using them in concert with HAARP to execute over the horizon radar, deep scan tomography (sub surface mapping), undersea communications, weather modification and in the course of all this are affecting many of Earth's populace with their ELF emissions that just happen to coincide with the frequency of brain waves. The ELF's can play human emotions for all they're worth. Sometimes, CT's are used to spread microbacteria.

If you want more information, check out William Thomas' site, Cliff Carnicom's and the book or videos by Dr. Nick Begich, Angels Don't Play This HAARP.

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