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Default Re: Are Chemtrails Good or Bad?

Originally Posted by GoingToFast View Post
Have you ever considered the possibility that these Chemtrails may not be an evil thing but instead a life-saving thing , what if the Sun has gone into overdrive for some reason , how would we protect ourselves....well an obvious answer would be to try and SHIEALD ourselves from the strong rays.... and how would we do that.....

By now we have all witnessed the warmer weather, maybe its not the CO2 that's to blame but instead the sun that's gone into overdrive.....

It's just a thought...
Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
My understanding is that one of their applications is to reflect back sunlight in an attempt to stop cosmic rays from getting to the people. The whole galaxy is ascending to a higher reality, the game is moving higher. The sun and the galaxy are sending out rays to make this happen, signals that activate within us our own higher reality / vibrations etc. They are trying to block these nutrients which are beneficial to us moving higher from getting to us. They want to keep us locked in 3d so they can keep us as their food source and keep us enslaved. We are not slaves. Their attempts are quite frankly a little pathetic to keep us enslaved.

The Light of God never fails. There is victory and only victory for those who choose the Light.
The first quote is copied from the thread "Are Chemtrails Increasing Worldwide?" and this thread is an off-shoot of that thread...


In the first quote the sun's rays are focused on as dangerous.

In the second quote cosmic rays (sun's rays?) are focused on as beneficial.


Am I summarizing this accurately?
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