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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

Dear Tempestgarden

I know what you mean and it is not easy. What is happening here now has been on the making for billions of years.

We may not remember now but if we are here in this point of time we are either Guardians (as in human angelics or indigos) or part of the fallen races

Over millenia humanity took decisions that has take it to this is what it is, there are no victims, we are in a equal interchange of energy universe

The problem really started in an adjecent universe and now this is the time of the final conflict drama

Before coming here in the inner planes many of us hoped that the whole thing will turn around to be the redemption by peaceful means of the fallen ones but they have chosen other avenue; as it is easy to deduct from the state of current violence, wars, inequality, lies, withholding vital information etc

The good news is that it is not all lost as it has happened before in other black hole falls and the krystiac peoples and fallen angelic (except metratonic) are been given regenesis contracts in 2012 if they choose to have them called the silver seed awakening

The Krystiac peoples together with up to a 3rd of the planet grids an life can ascend of slide after that date

Another third will be given the choice of entering regenesis contracts

One third will do black hole metatronic fall it can not be stopped now

This is so much better than in other systems!!! Sometimes I want to sing and dance non stop!

Let us hope that together we will be able to hold these probabilities

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