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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

In the previous post, 12DnAHelix posted his PM exchange with Astralwalker. Among all, there is the next:

Astralwalker: "My life has been threatened, they listen to my calls and the shadow government fallows me, my house is wired, they monitor my every move and who Im communicate with,..."

Friends, do you understand this?
It is an alarm!
I suggested Astralwalker to go publicly with this..from my experience the best protection is going public and telling the truth.
Now, i would like to address Bill and Kerry with the next:
Astralwalker did so much for this forum. As somebody stated, he made this Forum from place of the lost souls to strong group with a goal!
Bill and Kerry - you must protect Astralwalker!


I strongly suggest that your next Camelot interview should be with him - Pane Andov Astralwalker. He has so much to tell the people, and also this way he can speak publicly about his problems...this will protect him.
You have a duty, Bill and Kerry, to do this.

I am also here asking for support for this idea from all Avalon members. Show us your will to help our brother, with joining this demand for Camelot Interview with Astralwalker.

Bill and Kerry, I hope you will have the heart open for this possibility.
It is up to you.


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