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Default Re: DNA Activation Experience Dream -- Need guidance

Thanks for all of your responses!

Since very little I've had your normal than average dreams. Unfortunately I can't seem to control them as I want to. All of the "psychic activity", for lack of a better term, always happen when I sleep. I have premonition dreams, seen deceased loved ones, seen past lives, seen horrible accidents (which sometimes happen) and even had encounters of different kinds of ET's (the good, the bad and the ugly) but that "dream" took the whole cake.

It hasn't been long since I started my journey of waking up from this matrix, since 2008 to be exact. I searched many subjects and stumbled across DNA activation while back but I didn't believe in it with me so I let it go.

That Friday my husband stumbled across this YouTube Channel:
(Linkspleadian Channel is in Spanish but many of his videos have English subs - really good videos btw)

My husband and I are both dedicated to learn the Truth as much as possible so each of us search and share info with each other. I got curious of what he was watching and I've decided to see a bit of the video he was currently playing (one from Origins series).

My husband thinks it's from the fact of me watching a portion of the video that triggered something in me that made me "dream" what I did. Still... I didn't watch anything related to DNA activation.

Also something interesting that might be related to this is that after XMAS 2009 I've started seeing a lot the numbers 1:11, 10:10, 11:11 and 12:12 everywhere and thinking about last week this seeing those numbers all the time got to the point of being ridiculous.


Oxiigen thanks for sharing your experience with me. You know yesterday I did feel a tickling feeling deep within my chest, like butterflies in you stomach but it was in all around my chest area.

Have you aver had a vaccum sensation in one of your ears? This happens to me all the time and the sensation is as if someone is whispering to your ear but I only hear a low frequency hum.


This link was in an old DNA Activation link in Project Avalon.

Today I've tried the Chrakra Tuners and man oh man that was something!

It does feel like getting a massage from the inside out. I really hope this helps me get back to that place and finish that journey. I do recommend listening to those tunes.

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