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Lightbulb Activation

Earth >>>><<<< We

WE >>>><<<< Earth


Back Then, Lazaris Asked, Somewhat Incredulously, Of Those Listening (And Now, IN ENtangled Fashion, Those Now Reading)

“Don‘t You Realize That You Are The Earth?”

And Continued At:

Prior To Descent

Sophia >>>>>>> Gaia

Was Embedded With Patterns Of Experience.

So As S/HE Entered The Realm Of Distortion And Suffering,

Those Codes, Keys And Master Could Be Activated By Frequencies And Energies From Outside

The >>>>>>> set

Creating Cancellation Waves

And New Possibilities >>>>>>> Probabilities.......

Crop Circles

Are A Prime Example:

The Patterns Were There From The Beginning

But Are Activated From Implicate To Explicate

By Various Time Codes

To Facilitate The Planned


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